PAFE's refutation of the lies of Jim Karahalios and the New Blue Party

Like many of you, we at PAFE were shocked by the lies and deceitful propaganda by Jim Karahalios and the New Blue Party in their recent smear campaign against PAFE, and against our past president, Tanya Granic Allen.

On April 2, 2022, Tanya sent out her response, which we forwarded to PAFE supporters. [Read more]. Then, on April 9, 2022, PAFE issued a more detailed rebuttal to New Blue. [Read more]. In that email, we promised more details would be released.

This webpage contains our refutation of more of the false accusations that were levelled against us by Karahalios and New Blue. It presents summaries of all the main aspects of the controversy with links to click through to PAFE's full responses.

New Blue Lie #1: PAFE had a secret deal with Team Ford at the Ontario PC Convention 2018.

PAFE never has, and never will cut a secret (or public) deal with that flip-flopper Doug Ford. After Ford’s infamous backstabbing of Tanya Granic Allen, and further betrayal of Ontario’s parents in failing to repeal the sex-ed, PAFE stepped up to the plate and recruited hundreds of delegates to attend the convention to vote FOR pro-family, pro-parental rights policies, and AGAINST Team Ford anti-democratic measures. Doug Ford was so angry at PAFE’s policy to repeal the teaching of gender identity theory in Ontario schools, which was passed overwhelmingly by PC delegates, thanks to our efforts, that Ford immediately took to the media to repudiate the policy that had just been passed by his own convention.

Where was Jim Karahalios on PAFE’s constitutional resolutions? Where was he, or Belinda for that matter, on our gender identity policy? Silent.

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New Blue Lie #2: PAFE had a secret deal with Erin O’Toole, or anyone else, in the CPC Leadership contest of 2020, and conspired to get Jim Karahalios tossed out of that contest.

PAFE was crystal clear—Erin O’Toole was NO FRIEND of the pro-family movement, especially since he voted FOR anti-family legislation when he was an MP, prior to his leadership. PAFE has only criticized O’Toole. We never supported him. PAFE did support Derek Sloan, and, to a lesser extent, Leslyn Lewis on the final ballot. Neither Erin O’Toole nor Peter MacKay were ever an option for PAFE. And Jim Karahalios is completely fabricating a tale about a PAFE-sponsored “saboteur” on his campaign.

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New Blue Lie #3: PAFE is somehow responsible for Rick Nicholls' Critical Race Theory vote on Bill 67.

It was PAFE -not Jim Karahalios- back in November 2021 who sounded the alarm bells on Bill 67. We emailed tens of thousands of our supporters, educating them on the issue, asking them to take action. Did Rick Nicholls receive PAFE's emails and lobbying effort? Clearly not as he voted the wrong way at second reading and now vows to vote the right way at the final vote.

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New Blue Lie #4: PAFE has been silent on Jim Karahalios, his wife MPP Belinda Karahalios, and also MPP Rick Nicholls.

So Jim Karahalios is right about one thing; PAFE has ignored him. We have largely ignored Belinda (after endorsing her in 2018). Jim & Belinda are lucky that we have. If PAFE had reported on the Karahalioses and their betrayal of parental rights in the years 2018-2020, PAFE supporters would be far less interested in the New Blue Party today. Also, PAFE has likewise completely ignored MPP Rick Nicholls – that is, until he stupidly voted for Bill 67.

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It is disappointing that Jim Karahalios and his New Blue decided to go down this path of attacking PAFE and Tanya.

Karahalios and New Blue are at their best when focusing their attention on the real enemy: tyrant Doug Ford and his Ontario PC team. That is, and remains, PAFE’s focus this spring. Unfortunately, the Karahalios/New Blue’s attacks on us have forced us to spend precious time to prepare this rebuttal.

So what else do you need to know?


Jim Karahalios betrayed parental rights hero Tanya Granic Allen.

Jim Karahalios spent much of the 2018 PC leadership campaign providing help and support to Tanya’s campaign behind the scenes, though he was also quietly helping Doug Ford as well. 

After Tanya’s convincing first-ballot nomination win in Mississauga Centre, Team Ford engineered the overturning of Tanya’s nomination win, and even appointed one of the defeated candidates to be the new candidate. PAFE, and many social conservatives in Ontario, were outraged and called, emailed, and even publicly protested Ford and the Ontario PC Party, demanding that Tanya be reinstated as the candidate.

Belinda and Jim Karahalios were nowhere to be found among those publicly protesting Ford’s betrayal of Tanya and the pro-family movement. This, even though Jim had spent much of the previous year, through a group called “Take Back Your PC Party”, promoting democratic principles within the PC Party, protesting the idea that the PC leader could overturn democratic meetings and, especially, objected to the idea that the PC leader could appoint candidates. 

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Almost every single PC MPP abandoned Ontario’s children after 2018—including Belinda Karahalios and Rick Nicholls.

Belinda Karahalios didn’t express support to protect Ontario children against the Wynne sex ed curriculum when she was given the chance to do so, and within a few months of her taking her seat as part of Team Doug Ford. The same is true of MPP Rick Nicholls. When PAFE collected a hand-signed petition of over 40,000 signatures, neither Rick nor Belinda would read it in the Legislature—which is the normal process. Only two PC MPPs did (Toby Barrett and Randy Hillier).

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Jim Karahalios 2018 Presidential Campaign, and his betrayal of PAFE and parental rights.

At the convention, Jim was too busy campaigning for himself to bother speaking in favour of ANY of PAFE’s policy resolutions, resolutions against the Wynne sex ed, against gender identity theory, and for parental rights. Nor was he anywhere to be found on PAFE’s efforts to democratize the Ontario PC Party through constitutional amendments.

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Jim Karahalios tries to smear PAFE, but PAFE’s track record demonstrates total opposition to Doug Ford.

Karahalios claims as proof of our continued complicity with Ford our "silence" in 2019 and 2020 over various non-educational, non-parental rights matters. In fact during that time our activism AGAINST Ford and his education administration continued unabated. These accusations are simply absurd when compared with PAFE's continuous and uninterrupted track record of helping parents fight back against the many ways the Ford regime continues to sexualize children - through the sex ed curriculum, school events and measures such as the province-mandated student censuses - as well as to violate parental rights, including by instructing schools not to inform parents when students confide in teachers if they are experiencing gender confusion. 

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  • William Reginald Myers
    commented 2022-06-15 02:00:15 -0400
    Jim’s accusations are implausible and ironic. He accuses political parties of existing only to undermine New Blue, when those parties were formed years before he had even announced his intention of founding New Blue. He accuses people who have been persecuted and provoked by Doug Ford of being his supporters. There appears to be a pattern with Jim: He attacks people who agree with him on policy if they are roughly as well-known as he is.
  • Oji Naalbe
    commented 2022-04-29 11:52:41 -0400
    Parents exclusive rights to bring up their children with their sense of morality – and religious/cultural beliefs should not be interfered with by governments and educational institutions – etc. Ontario parents need organizations like PAFE to fight for these rights – such rights should be obvious to all. I am very disappointed at what has seemly happened to The New Blue Party their actions seem ludicrous at best – there is not enough Conservatives to go around to alienate for the Karahalios’s to take on other Conservative groups what were they thinking?
  • Teresa Pierre
    published this page 2022-04-29 10:28:14 -0400