Sex-ed and Gender Identity Exemption Form

Click here to download Sex Ed & Gender Identity Exemption Form

No to gender identity theory in Ontario schools!

PAFE is launching a new campaign to rid Ontario schools of unscientific gender identity theory!!!

We're calling it "No to gender identity theory in Ontario schools," or the "No GIT" campaign, for short.

What is the NO GIT campaign?

We are encouraging concerned Ontarians to push back against gender identity theory in whatever form it enters our schools (in the curriculum, school events, assemblies, etc.), and against the board and provincial policy measures that are ultimately responsible for it.  We will be lobbying schools, school board officials and politicians to remove it from the curriculum.

What can we do?

All Grades, All Students Exemption Form

PAFE's NO GIT campaign will BEGIN at the school level with a measure for parents to push back against gender ideology in the schools.  We've developed an exemption form that allows them to exercise their natural right as parents over their children's education.

PAFE urges concerned parents to file our comprehensive EXEMPTION form with their schools to opt their children out of ALL instruction in gender identity theory.

The Ford government alleges it guarantees parents the ability to opt out of the elementary Health and Physical Education curriculum in a policy document known as PPM 162.  To ensure this, they have mandated that parents receive notice of when the classes are to begin and the content of the course.  We know this opt-out is useless, and some parents are complaining about how ineffective it is.

PAFE has received many complaints from parents across the province, that their children have been exposed to sex-ed and gender identity instruction at an earlier age than is prescribed in the sex-ed curriculum, in classes other than sex- ed, or in the form of school assemblies and/or other events such as library readings--none of which are covered by the government's opt-out. We repeat--it's a sham, it's ineffective.

And that's just for elementary school.

What about high-schoolers? The Ford government allows ZERO opt-out or notification for grades 9-12.  So if you don't like gender identity theory being taught to your high schooler, too bad--the government forces it on high school students.

PAFE's exemption form addresses all of these concerns. It demands notification and opt-out from:

  • high-school sex ed, not just elementary
  • all gender identity instruction whenever, wherever taught in school
  • all school events that teach gender identity theory 


The exemption form is currently available for download by clicking here. Give a copy to your children's teacher(s) and ask the school principal to place it in the student's Ontario Student Record (OSR).

To make this successful, we need everyone's help to make parents aware of the form!