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PAFE believes that parents have the right to be fully informed about all aspects of their child’s education, and to withdraw their children from ANY aspects of schooling with which they are uncomfortable.

Those aspects have always included sensitive topics covered in the sexual health curriculum, and aspects of “gender ideology” that have found their way into a variety of subjects being taught at schools.

Now, they may extend to health initiatives involving the COVID-19 vaccine, COVID-19 testing, and other medical treatments aimed at students through the school system.

You or your child may already have received a consent form for these treatments.

That’s why PAFE is pleased to present a valuable tool for parents to help them stay fully informed about, and to be able to prevent, their child’s inclusion in any such initiatives. 

Our PARENTS/GUARDIAN NON-CONSENT FORM can be filled out and presented to the child’s teachers and principal as a strong notice that any discussion concerning any vaccinations, medical treatments or medical testing suggested for your child must be brought directly to YOUR attention, and not only to your child’s. 

The form also asserts that any decisions regarding these matters will be made solely by you, in consultation with your family’s own medical professionals. 

PAFE recognizes that in Canada there is no threshold age for consent for minors. If a child is deemed to be capable of understanding the information relevant to a decision about treatment and appreciating the reasonably foreseeable consequences of a decision or lack of a decision, they can give consent to medical treatment.

This form should be filled out and presented to the child’s teachers and principal as an unequivocal notice that you must be kept informed about any and all health procedures launched through your child’s school. 

The form may be used by any student in any school in Canada. 


1. Download the Parents/Guardian MEDICAL NON-CONSENT FORM

English version

French version

2. Bring it to your child's teachers and principal. Ask the principal to place it in the child's permanent file.

3. We recommend that you obtain confirmation in writing from your child’s school administration that they have received your signed NON-CONSENT form.

Remember that failing to fill out a consent form sent by your child’s school may be interpreted as implied consent! 

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