Critical Race Theory

"Stop Marxist Equity Indoctrination"PAFE webinar with Samuel Sey, YouTube video, 2022

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LGBTQ issues

Addressing LGBTQ Issues in the Classroom P1, Jason Evert and Kim Zember, Sophia Institute, Catholic teacher resource, 2022

Addressing LGBTQ Issues in the Classroom P2, Manny Gonzalez, Sophia Institute, Catholic teacher resource, 2022

"Are Religious Californians Really Harming the Mental Health of People Who Identify as LGBTQ?", Laura Haynes, The Public Discourse, September 16, 2019


Gender identity theory

No to Gender Theory in Schools, PAFE brochure, 2023 

Radical Gender Theory Toolkit, Idaho Freedom Foundation, 2023, download here 

Concise, 20-page document compiled by six experts from the fields of education, law, social policy and parental rights advocacy. It defines the threat of gender ideology, identifies its leading advocates, and puts this radical initiative in context as a crucial element that is part of a larger juggernaut of cultural Marxism bent on usurping all social power from the family unit

Webpage, Parents Defending Education, 2023

Provides a comprehensive collection of incident summaries involving the push of gender ideology in schools across America, along with a handy collection of articles that will equip concerned readers with the knowledge of both what gender ideology is, and practical measures you can take to effectively establish your opposition to it 

Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT)

Personal stories and essays by parents impacted by transgender ideology.

"In-depth: Gender ideology: What Canadian schools are teaching about LGBT topics," Tara McIsaac, Epoch Times, Sept. 7, 2023

Pastoral Approaches to Helping Students Understand Gender, Monica Ashour, Sophia Institute, Catholic teacher resource, 2021

genderreport.caPamela Buffone’s website, is a forum for Canadian voices opposing gender identity theory

Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, Helen Joyce, One World Publications, 2021

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Educating and Equipping Parents on the Transgender Trend, Minnesota Family Council, 2019 (free download)

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Gender neutral washrooms

"Against gender neutral washrooms," Madeleine Kearns, National Review,November 6, 2019.



Current Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP), Legislative Assembly of Ontario

"How an Ontario Bill Becomes Law: A Guide for Legislators and the Public", Legislative Assembly of Ontario, August, 2011



Addiction and Mental Health Resources for Parents NFA Behavioral Health

Addiction and Mental Health Resources for Parents First City Recovery Center


Parental Rights

"The State has no right keeping children's gender identity secret from parents," Michael Higgins, National Post, June 2, 2023

"Some parents object as Canadian schools quietly aid students' gender transition," Tom Blackwell, National Post, Jan 5, 2023

Convention on the Rights of the Child, United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner, November 20, 1989  see especially Article 29.1.c; Article 30

United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child (1959), Principle 7, November 20, 1959

Universal Declaration on Human Rights, United Nations General Assembly, December 10, 1948 see especially Article 26.3 



Dr. Meg Meeker, podcast, Parenting Great Kids.

Special mention: podcasts on parenting children with gender dysphoria, “Kids and Transgender:  What the Medical Data Show, parts 1 & 2” and “Navigating Children’s Gender Dysphoria: The Hidden Dangers of Transgender Treatments.”

Dr. Leonard Sax, Dr. Sax is a primary care physician who has been speaking to parents on issues of child and teen development since 2001.  His books include Why Gender Matters, Boys Adrift, Girls on the Edge, and The Collapse of Parenting.


Pornography, app for quitting porn addition, can be used by parents to monitor their children's online activity



Ontario's sex-ed primary curriculum

Ontario's sex-ed secondary curriculum

Repeal Wynne and Ford's Sex-Ed, PAFE Brochure

"Parents need to discuss sex ‘head on’", Wendy-Ann Clark, Catholic Register, Feb. 18, 2022

"Opt-Out of Sex Ed? Sorry, but This is Another Doug Ford Lie", Tanya Granic Allen, Post Millennial, September, 2019

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"Teachers free to use 2015 sex ed curriculum as resource, province's lawyer tells court," Isabelle Teontonio, Toronto Star, January 10, 2019

Ministry of Education Factum Excerpt, Ontario Superior Court Case between the Ministry of Education and EFTO, et al., January 4, 2019 

Ministry of Education supporting documentsOntario Superior Court Case between the Ministry of Education and EFTO, et al., Novembewr, 2018.

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