Doug Ford, either respect parental rights or resign!


Alberta Premier Danielle Smith announced an outline of her new plan to protect children and respect parental rights in the areas of health care, education and sports. The highlights include a plan to 1) ban the provision of sex change surgery and hormone therapies to minor children; 2) require parental consent prior to children’s adoption of new names or pronouns; and 3) prevent women from being forced to compete against biological males in sports. 

Bravo, Danielle Smith!

Here in Ontario, Premier Doug Ford made it clear he was opposed to Smith’s pro-parental rights policies. Ford announced to reporters on Feb. 5, 2024 that he would NOT be implementing similar policies in Ontario.

Ford is wrong on this issue, and Ontario parents must tell him that he is wrong.

To that end, Parents as First Educators (PAFE) is launching this online petition, arguing that steps are urgently needed in Ontario to prevent the spread of gender ideology in schools, to stop children from making premature, irreversible decisions about their health without parental approval, and to protect women from damage in competitions with transgender athletes

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s plan represents an excellent starting point for protecting children and advancing parental rights.

Smith’s plan should be adopted immediately by Doug Ford’s PC Party government in Ontario.

If Doug Ford does not commit to protecting parental rights along the lines of what Danielle Smith is proposing for Alberta - if Ford continues to side with the gender ideologists who pull the strings in his government - then he should immediately resign and make way for a new PC leader and Premier who will stand up for the children and the parents of Ontario.

Therefore, Parents as First Educators calls on Premier Doug Ford to stop his promotion of gender ideology in Ontario, and to start listening to the concerns of Ontario parents. We demand that Premier Ford  immediately commit to protecting parental rights along the lines of what Danielle Smith is proposing for Alberta.


WHEREAS: Premier Danielle Smith of Alberta recently announced, on February 5, 2024, a commitment to policy changes in her province in the following policy areas:

  • to ban sex-change surgery for youth 17 and under;

  • to ban puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children 15 and under and to require parental, physician and psychologist approval for children aged 16-17;

  • to adopt policies similar to those of New Brunswick and Saskatchewan requiring local school official to obtain parental consent before allowing any change of names or pronouns for underage children;
  • to obtain parental consent through parental notification and an “opt-in” requirement for subject matter involving gender identity, sexual orientation or human sexuality

  • to require provincial government approval for any and all third-party resources concerning gender identity, sexual orientation or human sexuality to be be used in the classroom

  • to prevent biological males from participating in women's sports divisions

WE the undersigned, demand Premier Doug Ford immediately commit to similar policies in Ontario to protect children and support parental rights.

FURTHER, if Doug Ford continues in his stubborn refusal to implement such policies, then we the undersigned demand that Ford immediately resign as Ontario PC leader, and as Premier, and make way for a new PC Party Premier who will act to implement pro-parental rights' policies similar to those policies being implemented in Alberta.

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