Ontario Votes 2022!

Worried about Ontario’s education system:

Indoctrinating your child to be racist?

Teaching your child to question their gender?

Forcing vaccines on children? 

We CAN effect change!

Help us elect good MPP candidates on June 2, 2022!

Find out how to get involved!

Discover questions to ask the candidates!


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  • Mary Anne Ouellette
    commented 2022-12-08 20:31:17 -0500
    Stop Bill 42-Parents First are Educators
    I would like to join this group as I am uphauled with the school board trustees and the system as a whole. They are turning our education system into a freak show and illeagaly doing and saying things to our kids that they will be accountable for! I am a very angry granmother of 13 kids and will not tolerate this BS in our education system. Kids are suppose to learn subjects “NOTSEX ED THERE!!! This must STOP NOW!!!!!!
  • Teresa Pierre
    published this page 2022-03-19 16:12:40 -0400