Peterborough Drag Queen Story Hour Petition

The Drag queen ‘grooming’ movement is gaining momentum as more and more events are popping up. While historically drag queen events are usually geared towards adults, since they normally put on sexually explicit shows and carryings-on, lately it appears that drag queens are being invited to and hosting children’s events. Most sane parents would agree that children should be as far away from drag antics as possible.


Shockingly, the Peterborough Public Library hosted a “Drag Queen Story Time” for children aged 3-8 years old this fall. Protestors gathered outside the library for the event, and were met with counterprotestors, including the city’s mayor, Diane Thierrien. The event is happening again on January 14 and February 25, in the children’s Story Corner.  It is put on by Friends of the Library, a group of volunteers who manage library book sales, and support library collections and programs.


It’s absolutely disgusting—and downright abusive—that the library is allowing this debauchery for children of any age, let alone toddlers. Children need to be protected, not lectured on diversity and equality by a drag queen. Why is the library allowing this grooming? Why are our tax dollars being used to sponsor grooming and indoctrination events for kids? 


PAFE is doubling down and rallying opposition to this event against the Peterborough Public Library and Friends of the Library. Please sign our petition!



WHEREAS: Libraries are supposed to be safe spaces for children to learn and grow; not a breeding ground for woke propaganda; and

WHEREAS: Childhood is a time of sexual latency, and children should not be sexualized by social activities designed for children; 

WE, the undersigned, petition the Friends of the Library to halt all drag queen story hour events immediately and going forward.

2,000 signatures

Will you sign?