Parents As First Educators (P.A.F.E.) supports the authority of parents over the education of their children through grassroots activism. We monitor and intervene to ensure elected politicians keep their activities transparent and accountable to the public. 

P.A.F.E. was founded in 2011 by Dr. Teresa Pierre in response to government encroachment on the rights of Ontario's Catholic schools. Since then it has broadened its mandate, and now represents over 75,000 supporters from all school choices throughout Canada.

With a strong team of volunteers and funded by donations from people like you, P.A.F.E. supports family values and parental rights in education. Our activism includes:

  • acting as a leader in the fight against the implementation of a radical sex-ed curriculum in Ontario;
  • opposing the promotion of harmful ideologies such as gender ideology and critical race theory in schools;
  • advocating for legislation that will eliminate these despicable ideologies and promote family values;
  • informing parents about current educational issues;
  • keeping elected politicians accountable for their actions at all levels of government; and
  • helping parents defend their rights within the school system.

We are a leading voice for the defence of parental rights in Canada.

Our Team

Teresa Pierre received her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. She is the mother of four children who graduated from public Catholic schools in Toronto.

She served as President of Parents as First Educators from 2011 to February, 2016, when the role was taken up by former president, Tanya Granic Allen, and again from September, 2019 to the present. 

Teresa has been a guest on talk radio, such as Newstalk 1010 and CFRA, and television and appeared in print media including Newsweek, the Toronto Star, National Post, Globe and Mail, and CityNews.

She is passionate about parental rights and freedom of expression. She has appeared before the Social Policy committee at the Ontario Legislature.

Her favourite pastimes are gardening, sewing, and reading.




PAFE supports the authority of parents over the education of their children through grassroots activism.