Support Josh: Let Josh Learn!

Sixteen-year-old Catholic school student Josh Alexander was charged by police for "trespassing". He was trying to go to his school to continue his education. But the school called the police.

Josh was barred entry because he expressed his beliefs against the woke and unscientific gender ideology, and declared that there are only two genders.

As a parent group, PAFE strenuously protests that the board has put Josh's academic success in jeopardy in the name of woke indoctrination.

The Renfrew County Catholic School Board is persecuting Josh Alexander because of politics and ideology.

If you support Josh, sign the petition and demand the school board create a washroom policy that prevents people from using the washroom of the opposite sex!

Please help us by sending this message to the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board! 

For more background on Josh, please visit our webpage by clicking HERE!


WE, the undersigned, demand that the Renfrew County Catholic School Board take action to establish a written policy that clearly indicates that single sex washrooms are not open to members of the opposite sex and that transgender students should use single-stall washrooms.

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