The sleazy lies and “deceptive tactics” of Jim Karahalios

April 2, 2022

Some of you may have received in the mail this week or seen online or on social media a vicious hit-job piece by Jim Karahalios and the New Blue Party of Ontario against Tanya Granic Allen and PAFE.

We will be offering a longer rebuttal of this mailing from Karahalios in the coming days, but for now we wanted to pass on Tanya Granic Allen’s public response to these defamatory accusations. Please read on below!

More coming soon!

Best regards,

Teresa Pierre, Ph.D



I have some very disappointing news to share.

I have been the target of an all-out campaign of defamation - once again.  But this time, the defamer is someone I used to call a friend: Jim Karahalios, from the New Blue Party of Ontario.

This past week, Jim, through the New Blue Party of Ontario, published on the New Blue Party of Ontario website, an article/brochure setting out extremely false and defamatory information about me, which was then spread on social media.  To exacerbate matters, this false and defamatory publication was sent by regular mail to a large number of households in Ontario, including to my elderly parents. 

Among numerous false and defamatory statements by Jim about me:

  1. He states that I was involved in secret deals with Doug Ford and Erin O’Toole;
  2. He raises questions about my religious faith and my morality as a Christian;
  3. He states I used “deceptive tactics” and that I have a “history” of “deception.”

Indeed, anyone reading the entire defamatory publication would understand it to mean that Jim Karahalios is accusing me of being a fraudster, that I have been part of a deliberate conspiracy for several years to harm him and Belinda (secret deals with O'Toole and Ford) and that I, along with Derek Sloan and PAFE and others, “exploit” people, and use “deceptive tactics” to work against him.

What is so concerning is that Jim knows all these statements- and meanings behind them- are all completely false.  As such, I can only conclude that he published them maliciously, for whatever improper purpose.

For those who know me well, you know that I cannot just sit back and not respond to Karahalios’ defamation.  Doug Ford and the Ontario PC Party “cancelled” and tried to bully me in 2018, but I refused to be silenced. Likewise, I refuse to be “cancelled,” bullied, or silenced by Jim Karahalios.

If Jim had complaints, and wanted to speak, then he should have reached out to me personally. Instead, he chose to launch a very public attack against me and PAFE. I have not received any communication from Jim - in any form – since 2018. Apart from inviting Belinda to be a special guest on my cable TV show Counterpoint in the fall of 2021I have not received any communications from her either.

In September 2019, I stepped down as President of PAFE, initially due to medical problems with my fifth pregnancy, and more permanently to focus on my new cable TV show.

I also needed a break. I have been through a lot these past years, especially during the PC leadership campaign, the PC nomination contest, and in my work at PAFE to repeal the radical Wynne (and Ford) sex-ed and gender identity theory. It was all very public, and hard on my family, and we have come through it all.

I am not the leader of a party. I am not a politician, nor am I a candidate for public office. I am no longer president of an advocacy group. I am a private citizen. These attacks from Jim have already irreparably damaged my reputation.

While I know I could, and perhaps should, immediately bring forward a defamation lawsuit against him, I’d rather not, at least not at this moment.   Instead, I am going to demand that he, and the New Blue Party of Ontario, immediately remove the entire defamatory publication from its website and social media, and publish a full and unqualified retraction and apology.

As conservatives, we need to come together, not to attack one another, whatever our differences. This is especially true at a time when “cancel culture” is still rampant and political tyrants have been trampling upon our civil liberties.  In such a world, Jim’s actions and words against like-minded conservatives – against me- are all the more egregious.

To you Jim, directly, I hope you do the right thing: immediately remove the defamatory publication on-line, publish a retraction/apology, and get back to focusing your attention on Doug Ford.


Tanya Granic Allen

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