PAFE's total opposition to Doug Ford

Karahalios claims as proof of our continued complicity with Ford our "silence" in 2019 and 2020 over various non-educational, non-parental rights matters.

In fact during that time our activism AGAINST Ford and his education administration continued unabated. PAFE forcefully called media attention to the 2019 court case in which Ford’s lawyers argued that teachers were free to use any resource they liked to teach sex-ed, making no attempt to restrain the use of gender ideology in the classroom.

In November 2019 we also organized public outcry over Ford’s Education Minister, Stephen Lecce’s pressure on school boards to alter their Codes of Conduct to include the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression," and republished Tanya Granic Allen’s op-ed criticizing Ford and Lecce’s roles in the debacle.

Karahalios criticizes us for not speaking out against Bill 213, an omnibus bill proposed in October, 2020 and passed in December, that addressed pandemic related issues and among other things demanded that religious officiants subscribe to a Code of Conduct that could restrict their freedom of belief and expression. Nothing could be further from the truth. With schools going online due to the pandemic PAFE had its hands full at that time responding to the tumultuous changes rocking the education world, while simultaneously organizing thousands of people on the main parental rights issue of the time, lobbying MPs to vote against the Liberal “Conversion Therapy Bill,” Bill C-6.

These accusations are simply absurd when compared with PAFE's continuous track record of opposition to the many ways Ford regime continues to sexualize children - through measures such as the province-mandated student censuses - and violate parental rights, such as by instructing schools not to inform parents when students confide in teachers about gender confusion they may be experiencing. 

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  • Teresa Pierre
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