More on the absurd New Blue accusations

April 9, 2022


Why would anyone accuse PAFE of collaborating with the enemy?  We don’t know. No group has demonstrated a greater commitment to parental rights, and yet Jim Karahalios is desperately attempting to smear our reputation.

Karahalios accuses PAFE of “deceptive” tactics, the most egregious of which is forging secret back-room deals with politicians with anti-family policies while campaigning against those very policies.

The facts, however, are entirely on PAFE’s side.

Jim Karahalios states falsely that PAFE “cut a deal” with Doug Ford before the 2018 Ontario PC convention, and that we supported a “slate” that was supported by Ford and was in opposition to Karahalios.

PAFE had no deal with Doug Ford. Ever. Indeed, 2 of the 3 candidates endorsed by PAFE were in direct opposition to the “slate” of Karahalios’s opponent. Karahalios is either lying here or is being willfully blind about what actually happened.

At the very same PC convention in 2018 that Karahalios cites as the occasion when there was some sort of “deal”, PAFE successfully led the charge in promoting several pro-family policy resolutions among the delegates. These resolutions were in support of parental rights and against “gender ideology” and were in opposition to the direction that the Ford government was heading.

Ford’s office swiftly condemned the resolutions.

Jim Karahalios also alleges that in the federal CPC leadership race of 2020 PAFE supposedly tried to help Red Tory Erin O’Toole in different ways. According to Karahalios, these alleged methods ranged from PAFE somehow being affiliated with an unnamed “saboteur” inside the his leadership campaign to PAFE being unfairly critical of Leslyn Lewis as part of some purposeful scheme aimed at helping O’Toole.  Once again, all of this is complete nonsense and Mr. Karahalios ought to know this.

What PAFE actually did in that leadership was put out a voter’s guide describing Lewis and Sloan as social conservatives and exposing MacKay and O’Toole for their anti-family views. It’s true that we urged voters to mark Sloan as their #1 choice, and we explained our reasons.  But we intentionally pointed out that they could consider Lewis as their #2.  At no point were O’Toole or MacKay options for PAFE.

These are but a few of the outrageous lies that Karahalios is trying to peddle against PAFE.

There are many more examples, and we shall expose them in the coming days and weeks, and in great detail.

To you supporters, I have this message: thank you once again for your words of support and many kind assurances that you stand with PAFE and against the smear tactics of Jim Karahalios. We trust that you know as well as we do that what he has been saying is false.  It is all very sad.  Please continue to pray for all concerned.

Best regards,

Teresa Pierre, Ph.D

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