York school principal accidentally reveals truth about "Cultural Humility" and the brainwashing of teachers

Thanks to an error by a York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) principal, we now have even more evidence of the pernicious push of woke indoctrination in schools.

A concerned parent whose child attends St. Joseph the Worker Elementary School in Thornhill, Ontario, informed PAFE about an email that was sent out by the principal on October 20.

The email, which was created for teachers only, but was accidentally sent to parents, contained a link to a “Cultural Humility Self-Reflection Tool” which the staff was to fill out as part of PA day activities on October 20.

As you can see, this exercise in “Cultural Humility” represents the latest example of how completely the radical “progressives” have embraced the Maoist-style “struggle sessions” in pushing their woke agenda on teachers.

The focus of the exercise is not cultural humility, but rather humiliation.

Teachers are told to agree that they must “explicitly decentre whiteness” because “racism and white supremacy” persist today as historical legacies of colonialism and slavery.

"This is completely inappropriate.  Again, it's another example of how teachers are being brainwashed into this woke culture."

-Concerned Parent of Child at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Elementary School, Thornhill, ON

Teachers are commanded to “understand gender identity and expression, and the importance of gender-affirming language and care”, and to “understand gender as a spectrum and affirm gender identities when engaging with students.”

Indoctrinating teachers with historical falsehoods, social radicalism, and anti-scientific nonsense so that they may turn around and infect students with the same is a grotesquely inappropriate use of a PA day.

Why aren’t time and resources being spent on helping teachers impart math, language and learning skills, rather than on ways of “decentring whiteness”, whatever that means?

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