TDSB experiences the disastrous results of having nothing but gender-neutral washrooms

The first Toronto elementary school to have only gender-neutral washrooms is experiencing pushback from parents after complaints involving safety, hygiene, and disturbing behaviour. 

Reports of peeking from beneath stalls, urine on seats, and one instance of a boy indecently exposing himself to a girl have been brought forth by the parents at Jean Lumb Public School, which has an enrollment of about 550 students. 

This was all entirely predictable to those of us who exercise common sense, and who know why boys and girls need their own, sex-segregated washroom spaces. 

However, to those who eschew simple truths in order to worship at the altar of political progressivism and ‘wokeness’, one washroom for all is a crucial tool in their agenda to erase any concept of sex and gender differences, and to obliterate the distinction between male and female. 

As should be obvious by now, the goal of these radicals is nothing short of the re-definition of humanity according to their own tragically mistaken notions. 

That’s why Ward 9 Trustee Alexis Dawson assures us in the Toronto Star article that, “(g)ender neutral washrooms in schools promote inclusivity (and) reduce bullying and discrimination based on gender.”

It’s also why that Star feature downplays the Jean Lumb parents’ concerns, and argues that the problem isn’t one of gender-neutral washrooms, but of the construction of the stalls.

“I want my daughter to go to school in a safe environment.”

 -Father of a Jean Lumb Public School Student 

Now is the time to remember that the real victims of this cruel social experiment are girls, who have been known to risk infection and dehydration in order to avoid using a bathroom where they fear they will encounter a male. 

The silver lining of dark clouds like this one may be that more and more people are waking up to the very real and physical dangers their children are facing as a result of these policies. 

We must never let up in making it clear that the safety of children must never be sacrificed to meet the demands of an utterly deluded gender ideology that will always be at war with reality. 

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