Stop Bill C-6!


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Justin Trudeau is at it again.

He’s trying to control Canadians and their families, and this time is threatening to jail parents who seek help for their children who are struggling with sexuality and gender issues. In trying to ban “conversion therapy” with Bill C-6, Trudeau is using the name of a controversial and misunderstood treatment to control what services ALL Canadians can choose in relation to their sexuality and gender. Bill C-6 was originally brought forward by the Liberal government in March, 2020 as Bill C-8, but it died when Justin Trudeau prorogued Parliament in August, 2020. Now, it's back again!

But what is “conversion therapy”?

There is no need to guess as to what the Trudeau Liberals mean when they say “conversion therapy.”

According to the definition provided in the text of Bill C-6, conversion therapy is “a practice, treatment or service designed to change a person’s sexual orientation to heterosexual or gender identity to cisgender, or to repress or reduce non-heterosexual attraction or sexual behaviour.”

In the past, conversion therapy was a term used for electroshock therapy, which was infrequently used by some psychiatrists in the treatment of same-sex attraction. It has not been used in decades for same-sex attraction. Today, therapists who provide counselling for those with unwanted same-sex attraction use narrative or talk therapy.

Stop Justin Trudeau from encroaching on parental rights and limiting therapy options!

Parents should not be jailed for helping their children with their sexuality and gender. Talk therapy exists for those who want to try to change a specific behaviour, and such talk therapy has been successfully used by people with unwanted same sex-attraction and gender dysphoria. Why not give Canadians this option if they want it?

Why Justin Trudeau’s Bill C-6 Needs to be Stopped

Bill C-6:

  • Will empower the government to jail parents for accessing any type of therapy that does not ultimately lead to their child
    • becoming transgender or
    • acting on his/her same-sex attraction
  • Overrides parental rights by stopping any parent from seeking counselling for their child who is questioning his/her gender or sexual orientation
  • Prevents children who have switched genders from de-transitioning if they change their mind
  • Prevents spiritual leaders (pastors, etc.) from providing spiritual guidance to those who request it
  • Violates the freedom of conscience of medical practitioners, counsellors, and clergy to assist their clients and community members according to their best professional judgment

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