Letter to MP

Points to make in your email/letter/phone call to your MP on Bill C-6:

  • Bill C-6 oversteps into the private spheres of the parental-child bond and of the individual conscience.
  • In trying to ban “conversion therapy” with Bill C-6, Trudeau is using the name of a controversial and misunderstood treatment to control what services ALL Canadians can choose in relation to their sexuality and gender.
  • Talk therapy exists for those who want to try to change a specific behaviour, and such behaviour modification therapy has been successfully used by people with unwanted same sex-attraction or gender dysphoria.
  • Parents should not be jailed for helping their children with their sexuality and gender.
  • This bill would strand people who have transitioned without a way to transition back to their birth gender. It creates a one-way street with respect to altering one’s gender identity. It would prevent children who have switched genders from de-transitioning if they change their mind.
  • Prevents spiritual leaders (pastors, etc.) from providing spiritual guidance to those who request it.
  • Violates the freedom of conscience of medical practitioners, counsellors and clergy to assist their clients and community members according to their best professional judgment.

Sending your letter:

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Please let us know that you have contacted your MP by emailing [email protected] or leaving a message at 416-763-7233.