Stop Critical Race Theory! Stop Bill 16!

Do you remember Bill 67, the Racial Equity in the Education System Act?  It was the bill brought in by NDP MPP, Laura Mae Lindo, which sought to embed “anti-racist strategies” into Ontario school curricula. At first glance “anti-racism” and “equity” sound like worthy causes; however, the core of these bills are in fact extremely racist.

Bill 67 passed its first two readings, but was divided on the third one, and deferred. Then the provincial election happed and it instantly died.

Well Bill 67 has been reintroduced, but this time as Bill 16. On August 30, 2022, Bill 16, the Racial Equity in the Education System Act, passed its first reading. This bill is almost identical to the very harmful Bill 67. If passed, would embed “anti-racism” and “race equality” teachings into all aspects of the Ontario school curriculum. A “Racial equity plan” would be required of schools, and teachers’ job performances would be assessed based on their anti-racism awareness and efforts to promote racial equality.

Bill 16 pushes the tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

While the insertion of CRT into education in the United States has given rise to much controversy and parental pushback, in Canada far too many are oblivious to CRT’s insidious nature, and the threat it poses to the education of children. 

PAFE produced a video with Samuel Sey who was our CRT spokesperson earlier this year. Please see if for yourself!

We hear terms like “anti-racist” and “equity”, used heavily in CRT literature, and assume that these are worthy goals, not realizing that in practice, “anti-racism” is profoundly racist, and “equity” has nothing to do with racial equality.

CRT deliberately negates the integrity of the individual and eschews the virtues of talent, work ethic and personal excellence, reducing everyone to being a member of one race or another, and judged only by that criterion. 

This means that under Bill 16, no staff or student in any educational institution can be seen as anything but a member of a particular race, sex, or gender, or sexual orientation.

Furthermore, critical race theorists reject the presumption of individual innocence, believing that if a person belongs to a racial group regarded as exploitative, that person is guilty of anything any member of that racial group has ever done.

Likewise, those who belong to a race regarded as submissive and exploited can never be judged on their individual merits.  They must always be viewed as victims who could never succeed without bureaucratic assistance. 

Harms of Bill 16

This bill goes so far as to assign penalties to individuals whose words or actions are believed to be misaligned with the government’s idea of “anti-racism”. 5.212 of the Act states that “Every person who disrupts or attempts to disrupt the proceedings of a school or class through the use of racist language or by engaging in racist activities is guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to a fine of not more than $200.”

Bill 16 sets to target not only elementary and high schools, but also all colleges and universities within the province. Aside from the fact that teachers’ job statuses could be dependent upon their enthusiasm for this new “anti-racism” regime, this Bill introduces very harmful brainwashing of children, and seeks to replace true academic education with guilt-ridden woke propaganda.If Bill 16 passes it will not only degrade the educational integrity of Ontario for decades to come, but it will have a ripple effect on the rest of Canada as other provinces will surely follow suit with their own versions of the bill.

The explicitly racist ideology inherent in Bill 16 will punish and divide all students while fomenting hate and resentment among them. 

It is a sign of a cultural sickness and decay, embraced by power-seekers who wish to undermine parental authority, indoctrinate children, while endlessly dividing communities against one another.

Call to Action on Bill 16!

We need to stand up and demand our education system be exactly that: an education system that teaches students to think critically.  We don’t need this garbage and infiltration of woke agendas that is robbing children of solid academics. 

Children in Ontario are falling short in mathematics and reading because harmful woke agendas like Bill 16 are replacing actual learning, and leaving children unequipped with basic academic and critical thinking skills.

In a must-see video Professor Jordan Peterson calls Bill 16’s predecessor, Bill 67, the most pernicious and dangerous piece of legislation that any Canadian government has ever put forward, because it will subvert the entire Ontario education system to radical leftist doctrines, and because it is based on the idea that all our institutions are racist, sexist, and discriminatory by nature.

In the words of Jordan Peterson, “Wake up, Canadians, before you do yourself and your children irreparable harm!”

Protect our children from the toxic tentacles of Critical Race Theory

Do it for your children, your grandchildren, and for the future generations to come.

Bill 16 must be stopped. Immediately.

Please sign this petition, and forward the petition link to your family and friends:!

This is too important to ignore.

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