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With Canada on the verge of entering an age of unprecedented censorship, it’s crucial that you urge your family and friends to subscribe to PAFE while they still can!

The culprit is Bill C-11, which is expected to receive royal assent shortly.

While it’s promoted by the federal Liberals as a means of promoting Canadian content and creators online, C-11 would make the internet in Canada one of the most tightly regulated in the world. 

In the advent of C-11, we are witnessing the very repressive and illiberal nature of the Liberal Party of Canada bear its toxic fruit.

Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, while promoting C-11, appointed an advisory committee which declared that unregulated political discussion “erodes the foundations of democracy”. 

Yes, that was Rodriguez, not Orwell!

His outlook is perfectly aligned with that of his boss, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has declared that freedom of expression isn’t “freedom to hate”, which of course means the freedom to express ideas that Trudeau hates!

The Trudeau government’s policies on gender ideology, abortion, euthanasia, LGBT “rights” and other contentious issues don’t hold up when questioned in a free and open forum.

Knowing that his anti-child, anti-family, anti-life offensive has very limited appeal, Trudeau is resorting to the tactic upon which every tyrant in history has relied: ban whatever you disagree with. 

C-11 will make internet censorship the law in Canada. 

The Liberals have blocked any proposed amendments that would have lessened its impact.

C-11 is so restrictive that even YouTube, which has proved itself to be no friend of free expression in the past, has warned that the bill will restrict creators!

You can imagine how PAFE’s communications will fare under the shadow of C-11. In spite of the Trudeau Liberals’ love for using words like “diversity” and “tolerance”, our message will certainly not be tolerated. 

Now is the time to ensure that any family members and friends who value our work in fighting for the primacy of parental authority and rights of all Canadians, especially children, to be free of the tentacles of toxic social policy, stay connected with PAFE.

We encourage you to watch the video below:

And then please forward this email to five friends and encourage them to subscribe to PAFE!

Very soon, it may be too late.

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