Josh Alexander/Billboard Chris gender ideology protest marred by violence

Hundreds turned out to support Josh Alexander and Chris Elston (Billboard Chris) at their "Education Over Indoctrination" rally at two North York schools Friday morning. Teresa Pierre dropped by on behalf of PAFE.

Elston, who hails from BC, joined forces with Alexander, who lives in Ottawa, to protest the teaching of radical gender ideology in Canadian schools.

Chris Elston (Billboard Chris) and PAFE President, Teresa Pierre

An equal number of rowdy counterprotestors tried to drown out the speakers.

The leader of the Ontario Party, Derek Sloan, was also on hand as well as Maxime Bernier and dozens of People's Party of Canada supporters.

Ontario Party leader, Derek Sloan and People's Party of Canada leader, Maxime Bernier

Pickering City Counsellor, Lisa Robinson, who voted against raising the Pride flag at City Hall in May, was also in attendance.

Elston spoke movingly about the damage gender transitioning does to a child's body while elsewhere in the crowd, Josh Alexander's brother, Nick, was struck in the head by a counterprotestor and injured, then arrested and removed.

Police gave no reason for why Nick was arrested and he was worryingly removed without emergency assistance, though as Josh said, his head was gushing blood. Several other protesters from the parental rights side, including a veteran, were removed from the event by police but no word whether Nick's attacker was also detained. Josh retweeted on his X page that Nick ended up being released and the charges dropped.

Other famous faces in the gender debates were present at the event, including Pickering City Counsellor, Lisa Robinson, who voted against raising the Pride flag at City Hall in May.  Transgender writer Julia Malott, who has written a number of recent guest columns on the parental rights movement recently for the National Post, made an appearance, as did blogger and former Ottawa Carleton trustee candidate Chanel Pfahl.

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