Planned Parenthood suspended in Saskatchwan schools

MLA Nadine Wilson

Saskatchewan Minister of Education Dustin Duncan has announced that Planned Parenthood will be barred from making any presentations at Saskatchewan schools pending an investigation on materials they present to students.

The move was announced in late May after a Planned Parenthood presentation on sexual health to Grade 9 students at Lumsden High School. Planned Parenthood  used a deck of pornographic cards illustrating a different sexually explicit term for every letter of the alphabet being distributed to students.

Here’s an example from the deck:

                        “K is for Kink

            Non-traditional sex. What’s non-traditional to one might not be to another. For some, being restrained with a ball gag, while being tickled by their hooded master is an everyday occurrence.

            What do you consider kinky?”

Yes, this is what Planned Parenthood brought into a classroom of Grade 9s!

The cards, which also included ‘R for Raw Sex’, and ‘U for Urophilia’, found their way home into parents’ hands, and an understandable outrage ensued on social and mainstream media, even making international news

Closer to home, our own mainstream media reported Planned Parenthood’s shock!  

Minister Duncan said he believes that the material in question has no place in a classroom, and promised that he “will be directing Boards of Education administration to suspend for the time being the work in schools of Planned Parenthood as it relates to their involvement in health and wellness courses…”.

Duncan will direct the Ministry to review curriculum and documents for age appropriateness, and will review the process of how parents are kept informed of what is being presented to their children.

This seems to be a step in the right direction, though it comes too late for those Grade 9s at Lumsden High School.

However, Nadine Wilson, MLA for Saskatchewan Rivers and Leader of the Saskatchewan United Party, isn’t satisfied.

MLA Nadine Wilson

Wilson has long been critical of Scott Moe’s “Saskatchewan Party” government for failing to give parents a meaningful voice in how the education of their children is shaped. The Saskatchewan Party is, in effect, a coalition party comprising former PC’s and former Liberals.  Nadine Wilson was once a member of the Saskatchewan Party but resigned in 2021 and is now leader of the “Saskatchewan United Party.”

In Saskatchewan, K-12 education is a shared responsibility between the provincial Ministry of Education and the locally elected boards. 

In a statement issued on June 23rd, Wilson questions why the Minister of Education has failed to apologize for the incident, why the explicit literature was allowed in the classroom in the first place, what procedures are in place for the approval of such materials, and why those procedures failed?

            “This government has failed to recognize parents as the first educators of their children and failed to protect children from harmful, explicit, and ideological content in the classroom.”

Nadine Wilson, Leader of the Saskatchewan United Party

Time will tell whether the Saskatchewan government is sincere in its promise to look into this travesty, or whether they’re just doing damage control for Planned Parenthood until the storm blows over.

It’s up to active parents and groups like PAFE to ensure that every government, every school board, and every person connected with the education of children gets the message loud and clear that parents have zero tolerance for sexual, political, or any other kind of grooming in the classroom.

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