Parents' rights momentum continues in Alberta!

Alberta premier Danielle Smith

More good news! The parental rights momentum that we saw in 2023 is continuing into 2024, and this time, it is happening in Alberta!

Yesterday, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith released the following 7-and-a-half-minute video with the following introductory message:

Gender identity can be a hard thing to talk about, especially when you are involved. But this conversation is extremely important and parental involvement is critical. Kids need to know we love and support them. My message to all Albertans: ...

Please WATCH the video here  

Smith is proposing “gender” initiatives in three main areas: health care, education, and sports.


SMITH: “Deciding whether or not to alter one’s biological sex, making permanent and irreversible decisions regarding one’s biological sex while still youth can severely limit that child’s choices in the future…”. And further: “Prematurely encouraging or enabling children to alter their very biology or natural growth, no matter how well intentioned and sincere, poses a risk to that child’s future that I as premier am not comfortable with permitting in our province.”

To that end, Alberta will bar, for those under the age of 17, surgery for the purpose of gender reassignment. The province will institute a ban on puberty blockers and hormone therapies for children under 15 (other than for those who have already started treatment), with parental consent required for those aged 16 and 17.


Smith is following in the footsteps of New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe in requiring parental consent for changing the name or pronouns of minor, school aged children.  She is also suggesting that the provincial government will assume some level of responsibility for vetting “third party” educational resources, as well as some sort of “opt in” for the teaching of gender ideology.


Recognizing “obvious biological realities that give transgender female athletes a massive competitive advantage over women and girls,” Smith is proposing some sort of protection for female athletes against intrusion into “female” sports divisions.


There is quite a bit going on here – too much for a single email. I will, in the coming days, provide a commentary for you as to what PAFE thinks of each of these moves, and how they differ from what is happening in other provinces.

Let me say how very pleased PAFE is with Premier Smith’s leadership on these issues, even if we disagree with parts of it. For the weakest part of Smith’s proposals, PAFE will be making constructive suggestions for improvement. 

Overall, Smith’s announcement of yesterday shows that the momentum in favour of parental rights continues in Canada!


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