Parents-rights candidate appointed by Waterloo Catholic Board

Great news out of Waterloo Catholic District School Board this morning! The board voted last night to replace trustee Sally Fuentees, of Waterloo/Woolwich/Wellesley, who resigned for family-related reasons.

The candidate who was chosen, Conrad Stanley, will be another voice speaking out against woke and gender ideology in this school board!

The woke and undemocratic trustees who back in June didn’t want a by-election to replace a trustee who resigned in disgrace, Wendy Ashby, had the tables turned on them last night.

Ashby had made comments on Twitter that Christian white males were the most dangerous creatures on the planet.  These tweets were widely decried by the parental community, as racist and sexist, and with PAFE’s help Ashby was forced to resign in June.

By setting a precedent in June of choosing the runner-up in the last trustee election, they committed themselves to an UNDEMOCRATIC way of filling trustee positions.  It came back to haunt them last night.

The candidate next in line this time, Conrad Stanley, had been an outspoken CRITIC of Wendy Ashby’s weaponizing words against white Christian males in the spring. He was one of the parental delegates to speak out against her at the board on May 1. 

You can watch the board video reposted on our blog here, at the 1:06 mark. Stanley said:

When you attack another group of people and start going into the realm of outright racism, hate speech, I think everyone can stand up and stay that’s just simply unacceptable,” delegate Conrad Stanley said at the meeting Monday. “I think the prevailing wisdom, which I agree with, is that she needs to resign.

"I don’t see how she can continue in her functions on this board, given the controversy. It will continue to hound this board and embarrass this board.”

Last night the Waterloo Catholic board debated how to fill the vacant position, and our own Amelia Willis was there.

Willis reports that the woke trustees couldn’t sensibly argue for another by-election so close to last June, when they had opposed having one.  Their arguments centred, therefore, on how a new trustee should represent “diversity” in the board, and that Stanley should be rejected because he is a cis white male.

Trustee Marisa Phillips said that to decide on this basis would be the highest irony, given the recent resignation of Trustee Ashby for her comments criticizing the whole class of Christian white males.

Watch her comments on this video of the board meeting from CTV at the .30 sec mark:

Not allowing the next runner-up to get it simply because they’re not diverse enough, because they’re a white, Christian male isn’t a good look for the board,” Phillips said.

The majority of trustees agreed with Phillips, and the final vote was 5-3 in favour of appointing Conrad Stanley. Trustees voting in favour were Linda Cuff, Bob Guerin, Renee Kraft, Marisa Philips, and Bob Sikora. Voting against were Kathy Doherty-Masters, Julie Molinaar, and chair, Tracey Weiler.

PAFE wishes sincere congratulations to Conrad Stanley on his success! We are pleased to see the train of events set in place by forcing Wendy Ashby to resign has led to another voice for parental rights at this board.


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