New poll reveals most parents support invoking the "notwithstanding clause" for parental rights

The mainstream media would have you believe that Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe was ignoring public opinion when he used the notwithstanding clause to pass legislation ensuring that parents in his province have the right to know if their child wants to change their pronouns, gender, or name at school.

Predictably, they have attached the word “controversial” to Moe’s, or anyone else’s, efforts to acknowledge parental autonomy in these matters.

In fact, the only word that could be used accurately to describe Moe’s actions is “popular”, and a new Leger ­poll just proved that!

The poll results show that more Canadians agree with the province’s invoking of the notwithstanding clause than disagree with it.

The polling data also suggests that a majority of Canadians believe teachers should have to notify parents of those changes, and that just under half said that should still “be the case even if a child tells their teacher they don’t feel safe informing their parents”.

But wait! Would you believe that there’s even more good news from this poll?

A whopping 46% of respondents said their views are aligned with the idea that gender identity and similar topics shouldn’t even be addressed at school at all, but instead dealt with at home by parents.

This is wonderful news, and it confirms something very hopeful for those of us who care about protecting children from the tentacles of radical gender ideology in education.

You will recall that when New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs stood up for parents’ rights to be informed, the progressive establishment smeared him, and anyone agreeing with him, with the usual hateful names.

Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau weighed in, blustering, “Far-right political actors are trying to outdo themselves with the types of cruelty and isolation they can inflict on these already vulnerable people,” utterly and knowingly misrepresenting the position of parental rights advocates, as always.

As this poll proves, that old trick isn’t working this time around.

Perhaps it may dawn on radical activists that they have finally overplayed their hand when it comes to turning schools into woke indoctrination centres for little children. 

That parents have become irrevocably awakened to wokeism, and boy are we mad!

First, those of us who stand for parents’ rights to call the shots in their children’s lives were called a “far right” minority. 

Then, when we showed up to protest, we proved just how numerous we are, but still were dismissed by the usual elites in the three-headed monster of education, government, and media.

Now that polls are proving we hold not just the morally correct position, but also the more popular one, what will the progressives do?

It would be foolish to believe they’ll just give up, and that’s why now, more than ever, we must keep asserting the simple truth that parents know best, and must know everything going on in the lives of their children! 

It isn’t up to administrators, teachers, or anyone else, to define what is or is not parental responsibility.

It’s our job to keep up the pressure to ensure that no one ever does!

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