“Landmark decision” sees UK restrict puberty blockers for minors

Common sense prevailed in the UK earlier this month as the country’s National Health Service (NHS) announced that children with gender dysphoria would no longer routinely be prescribed puberty suppressing hormones at publicly funded clinics.

The NHS made this decision after concluding that there is not enough evidence to suggest that puberty blockers are safe.

“Ending the routine prescription of puberty blockers will help ensure that care is based on evidence, expert clinical opinion and is in the best interests of the child.”

UK Health Minister Maria Caulfield           

The NHS is finally acknowledging the life-destroying effects that result from committing children to hormone therapy without evidence of safety or effectiveness. They will now focus on psychological, not chemical, treatments for young people struggling with gender confusion.

The NHS is to be commended for acknowledging the stark truth: that the artificial prevention of the normal development of healthy children has been a ghastly experiment all along! 

The UK isn’t alone in this sensible move to shield children from puberty blockers. 

National health administrations in many other European countries have opened investigations into so-called “gender-affirming” treatments. Fifty years after Sweden became the first country to allow legal “gender reassignment” in 1972, its National Board of Health and Welfare ceased the sanctioning of hormone therapy, stating publicly that evidence in support of hormonal interventions for minors is insufficient, and the process risky. 

Where does Canada’s medical establishment stand on this issue? Tragically, it looks as though it has reacted to Britain’s decision by doubling down on depravity! 

The day after the NHS made its announcement, leaders of 11 Canadian medical organizations warned on X that they were “deeply concerned” about the policy announcement. Rather than learn from the investigations conducted by their European counterparts, those who dictate our country’s medical policies have shamefully decided to keep attempting to justify the sterilization of children in the name of care.

It’s time for all of Canada to follow the lead of the NHS and restore sanity to the approach to treating minors who have gender dysphoria. Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has bravely taken steps in the right direction in Alberta, and others should follow.

We must put an end to sacrificing the lives of children on the altar of gender ideology by helping everyone to see that while puberty blockers promise to prolong childhood, all they do is to destroy it!

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