How "diversity, equity and inclusion" are ruining lives, education, and careers

There can be no denying that left-wing activists are pulling out all the stops in pushing their irrational, racist, anti-scientific indoctrination agenda in our schools.

Two recently published articles in the National Post and True North are essential reading if you’re interested in learning how corrosive ‘wokeness’ is being promoted, and the dire effects it is having on the lives of both educators and the children they teach.

Sue-Ann Levy’s True North article examines the “culture of terror” that the Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness (DEI) training has imposed on schools, featuring the observations of teachers, made anonymously out of fear of repercussions.

The teachers reveal how the academic curriculum has taken a distant back seat to the outcomes demanded by DEI training, and how drastically education culture has suffered during the past two years under the leadership of TDSB education director Colleen Russell-Rawlins.

The tragic suicide in July of principal Richard Bilkszto, who had been bullied, harassed, and maligned as a white supremacist by DEI trainer Kike Ojo-Thompson after he pushed back against the anti-white, racist tenets of DEI, appears to have been a wake-up call to many who work in education.

Levy quotes teachers who say that the “primary focus (in the classroom) is on diversity activities”, and that if teachers prioritize reading, writing and math over DEI, they “will be labelled a racist or an Islamophobe or anti-Indigenous.”

If you’re wondering how we got here, the National Post article concerning a 2020 DEI training session conducted by the aforementioned Kike Ojo-Thompson for the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB), is very revealing, and disturbing. 

This session occurred more than a year before the one in which Richard Bilkszto’s clash with Ojo-Thompson began the events that ended so tragically.

As the article outlines, during the 2020 meeting Ojo-Thompson was challenged on her historically inaccurate claims that Christians and the Catholic Church in particular was responsible for slavery, and on her notions of “covert racism” found wherever whites interact with non-whites.

Ojo-Thompson’s responses make it clear that in the world of DEI “anti-racism”, questioning dogma isn’t part of the process, but blind acceptance is. 

Tragically, the DEI consultancy racket that does nothing but manufacture and perpetuate false victimhood, has been unquestioningly accepted by far too many who make the crucial decisions on what goes on in our classrooms. 

That includes Doug Ford’s Minister of Education Stephen Lecce, who continued to laud the “important work” done by DEI, even after Principal Bilkszto’s suicide.

The DEI power grab has been breathtakingly successful, starting in education, then capturing corporate institutions. 

It has seen the radical left hijack the words “diversity, equity, and inclusion” and turn them into a bomb designed to destroy the lives of anyone who opposes, or even dares to question, their false and destructive social gospel. 

DEI is incompatible with real education, with social stability, and with the tradition of Western civilization. It demands your silence and your submission.

The antidote to DEI is truth and the courage to speak it.

Richard Bilkszto had that courage, and only if we continue his fight may we ensure that he did not die in vain.

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