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NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and radical activists continue to protest the Ford government’s mandate to repeal the Wynne/Horwath sex-ed.

Yesterday at a rally at Queen’s Park, Horwath and a group of elementary teachers claimed that repealing the sex-ed is a human rights violation and harms children. On the contrary—as parents from all over Ontario have continually voiced—it’s Kathleen Wynne’s unscientific and ideologically-driven curriculum, designed in part by a convicted child pornographer, that sexualizes and harms children.

The President of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO), Sam Hammond, also said this week that the union will “vigorously defend” any teacher that sticks to the 2015 curriculum. For a great take on the ETFO’s actions read Sue-Ann Levy’s column at the Toronto Sun. Levy writes that this has never been nor will ever be, for Horwath or the ETFO, about the “safety and human rights” of Ontario children.

As I told The Daily Caller in an interview yesterday: “Teachers cannot go rogue…The union is out to break faith and trust with the parents and children they are supposed to be serving. The teachers cannot take control when the parents have consistently said they don’t want the Kathleen Wynne sex-ed program.”

Meanwhile Education Minister Lisa Thompson told reporters: “We expect teachers to be utilizing the curriculum last used in 2014…I need to remind you that we are following through on a campaign mandate that we received loud and clear, and that is to respect parents and consult in a comprehensive way in terms of how to prepare students for the reality of today.”

Doug Ford committed to repealing the Wynne/Horwath sex-ed, and PAFE will do everything it can to ensure that he keeps his full promise. That promise of “repeal” means no more unscientific gender theory taught in schools this fall.

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Tanya Granic Allen, President

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