Help defend hero trustee, Barry Neufeld!

Past President of PAFE, Tanya Granic Allen, recently interviewed Barry Neufeld, a long-time B.C. school board trustee who came to prominence a few years ago when he began speaking out against SOGI 1 2 3, a radical sex-ed curriculum introduced in B.C.

Like the Wynne-Ford sex-ed curriculum in Ontario, SOGI 1 2 3 introduces gender ideology and sexualizes
children at a young age. “There seems to be a trend in education where innocence is a bad thing,” said Mr. Neufeld, and pointed
out that innocence is being equated with ignorance. 

Mr. Neufeld comes from a tradition of defending children against the state; his ancestors left Russia and came to Canada because of the state’s infringement on parental authority and rights.

In 2017 when Mr. Neufeld found out B.C. was introducing SOGI into schools, he began speaking out publicly against the curriculum. This resulted in a hate speech allegation brought against him by the head of the B.C. teachers’ union, Glen Hansman. Mr. Neufeld went on the offensive and sued him for defamation. That case, after a series of appeals, went to the Supreme Court of Canada where a decision is expected in the coming months.

Mr. Neufeld has also been served with a defamation suit after he called a newly-elected B.C. school trustee a “strip-tease artist” because she appeared partially nude in a video she made and posted on social media.

In the recent school trustee elections in B.C., after 30 years of service and a heroic battle against the sexualizing of children in B.C.’s education system, Mr. Neufeld was not re-elected. He said, however, that he is encouraged by younger trustees getting involved in the battle, and that he will still be “stirring the pot,” now that he is no longer a trustee.

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