Landmark study proves that for most kids, being "trans" is just a phase

A landmark 15-year study conducted in the Netherlands has confirmed that most gender-confused children and teenagers are overwhelmingly likely simply to grow out of their feelings of dysphoria.

The study saw over 2700 children, beginning at age 11, asked every three years until they were in their mid-twenties, about their feelings concerning their gender.

While 11% of the children reported having some “non-contentedness” with their gender at some time during the study, by age 25 that number was just 4%.

“The results of the current study might help adolescents to realize that it is normal to have some doubts about one’s identity and one’s gender identity during this age period and that this is also relatively common.”

-Tracking Adolescents’ Individual Lives Survey

This study’s results emerge even as countries that years ago embraced the radical “gender affirming care” of freely prescribing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to minors, such as Britain, Sweden, France and Finland, have been taking a step back from that practice.

Meanwhile, in Canada and the U.S., the healthcare establishment, captured by radical gender ideologues, continues to fuel a “massive boom” in “transgender” children receiving these same treatments. 

This vital study confirms what advocates for children’s health have known from the start: that medical intervention for what is very likely a temporary phase of confusion with emotional or psychological origins can result in nothing but tragically irreversible harms to children. 

“The study provides even more reason to be skeptical towards aggressive steps to facilitate gender transition in childhood and adolescence…prudence and caution, rather than a rush towards permanent surgeries or hormone therapies, will be the best approach for teenagers struggling to make sense of the world and their place in it.”

 -Patrick Brown, Ethics and Public Policy Centre

We’ve watched in horror as radical political progressivism has overridden common sense and wreaked havoc in the lives of children and their families, all in the name of gender ideology. 

Studies like the one just released prove that science is on our side as we stand up for children. 

Let’s wake up the “woke” to this simple fact and rid Canada of the twisted and grave injustice of invasive and irreversible “gender affirmative care”. 

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