Finding your voice


Do you ever feel like the world around us is going crazy?

Nowadays, boys can be considered girls, and girls can be considered boys. Children are being taught a s/x-ed curriculum written by a convicted child p*rnographer, and supported by both Kathleen Wynne and Patrick Brown. Parents are being pushed out and the state is increasingly inserting itself into family life.

For the future of Ontario, families must find their voice. It is all too easy to put your head in the sand, but where will that leave you? The more we choose to stay silent as Kathleen Wynne pushes her s/x-ed agenda onto our children, the more freedom we give up.

We cannot afford to be silent. We must speak out. We must act.

With just a little effort, there are at present a couple of ways to voice your concerns.


I informed you last month of Bill 89- that mess of a bill which will further erode parental rights. To read more about it and to sign our petition, please click here.

Queenie Yu and I plan on testifying before the government committee on this matter and we'd love to present a petition with thousands of signatures. We want to get it into the public record that Ontario families are NOT OK with Bill 89. So please do sign the petition, and ask your friends as well.

Another matter upon which to take action is the federal bill C-16- the transgender rights bill.

If C-16 is passed, individuals who disagree with or don’t subscribe to gender theory could face criminal charges. If passed, it will have an impact on freedom of speech, as well as have implications for families, children, and parental rights.

We must make our voice heard.

One way to do that is to participate in the Federal Conservative leadership race, as the result of this federal race has serious implications for our families.

Parental rights and the well-being of children are under attack in this country, and we need leaders who support our fight. We strongly urge you to take out a membership for the Conservative Party of Canada so that you will be eligible to vote for a pro-parental rights and pro-family candidate.

There are at least two candidates who are supportable. In order to be eligible to vote in this leadership contest, you must take out a membership by March 28th 2017. You can cancel your membership anytime after the race is over. Or keep it. It's up to you.

In order to make your voice heard in this race, you must...
1) Sign up to be a member by clicking here or by calling the Conservative Party of Canada at 1-866-808-8407 (must be 14 yrs or older, a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident)

2) Try to sign up 9 more people (family, friends, any children age 14 and over)

3) Let me know you (and others) have signed up! Email [email protected] or call me at 416-763-7233

Once you let me know, I will inform you and those you have signed up of the important next steps in electing a pro-parental rights and pro-family candidate. Stay tuned...

Tanya Granic Allen, President

Parents As First Educators

P.S. Please help us to continue the fight for family and parental rights. Please consider making a donation by clicking the link below.

Your donation to Parents as First Educators (PAFE) helps us fight for parental rights!

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