Even daycares are being inundated with trans and LGBTQ+ rhetoric

t’s no secret that left-wing ideology is rampant in elementary and high schools, but there’s no way it has squeezed its way into daycares and preschools with infants and toddlers….right? Wrong.

A daycare in Kitchener, Ontario, RisingOaks Early Learning (formerly known as OWL) is shamelessly pushing gender ideology.

A concerned parent whose son attends this daycare, informed us that the establishment has books onsite that push this agenda. Upon inquiry, the parent was told that books such as “Worm Loves Worm” and other LGBTQ-themed books were in the curriculum for this June.  The kids who will be learning this curriculum with these books are aged 2.5-4 years old. Warning will not be given to parents when these books are read, and no parental consent is necessary.

If you’re not familiar with the book “Worm Loves Worm”, it pushes homosexual tendencies through a story of two worms who love each other. It downplays gender roles; for example, the book asks things like “who will wear a tuxedo and who will wear a dress?” and resolves the question with “It doesn’t matter because worm loves worm”.  This book has been read by drag queens, and videos of that story time have been shown to Kindergarten classes in Canada.

This push for this agenda seemed to start in RisingOak Early Learning last year after the $10-a-day daycare subsidy was approved.

The establishment is very open about pushing transgender ideology and LGBTQ agendas onto the children they take care of.  Their Facebook page brags about pride events, pride flag raising ceremonies, and veggie trays and snacks that are designed to look like pride flags. LGBTQ flags and paraphernalia hanging in nearly every classroom, shoe cubby, and bulletin board. 

One Facebook post from June, accompanied by photos of rainbows and pride flags, states that “School-age 2 learned about the meaning behind the colours of the flag, and then were invited to create their own flag….The toddler room also discussed the colours of the Pride flag….Through collaboration, they used their hands to paint with the colours of the rainbow…” Another post mentions how the entire daycare joined in a Pride month flag-raising ceremony at a nearby school where each child was given a pride sticker and everyone cheered and clapped as the flag was raised.

We caution parents to be vigilant about where your child is enrolled and what they’re being taught behind your back. Daycares and establishments such as these are ruthless when it comes to destroying children’s innocence and forcing left-wing woke agendas down their throats.

We cannot stop until these woke ideas cease to threaten the innocence of children! 

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  • Teresa Pierre
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