Doug Ford and Stephen Lecce EXPOSED by True North

“True North” – an alternative media company - recently released a dynamite video in which their reporter Harrison Faulkner single-handedly tries to hold Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce accountable for allowing students to pursue gender transition at school without parental knowledge or consent. Hijinks ensue!

I encourage you to watch it, so please take a moment and WATCH this 14-minute video.  You won’t be disappointed!

Most of you in Ontario will be familiar with the broader story of how the current Premier Doug Ford first promised the residents of Ontario that he would repeal Ontario’s twisted sex-ed program, brought out under the previous Premier, Kathleen Wynne.  This curriculum deluges children with information they aren’t able to understand at young ages. He made this promise when he was running for leader of the PC party in Ontario in 2018, then promptly reneged as soon as he became premier.

Under Ford the ball of yarn that is the sexual education curriculum continues to ensnare children in the toxic trap of gender ideology, teaching them as early as 6 that boys can be girls, and vice versa.  Primed by their teachers, they then become easy prey for social workers who lure them into changing their sex by telling them hormones and surgery will cure the unhappiness brought on by gender dysphoria.

Parents are prevented from intervening in these nefarious plans because, in most provinces, the provincial Ministries of Education either have policies to deny information to parents if their children begin gender transition at school, or else they permit local Boards of Education to keep parents in the dark.  

And Ontario is no different. Premier Doug Ford and his mouthpiece, Education Minister Stephen Lecce, allow school boards to exclude the parents from these discussions.

It’s all coming to a head right now in New Brunswick where their premier, Blaine Higgs, has bravely introduced a countermeasure to require parental notification of a student’s gender transition.

And True North’s reporter Harrsion Faulkner wanted Ontario’s Stephen Lecce’s comment on this.

He tried to ask Stephen Lecce at Doug Ford’s annual Toronto celebration of himself, knows as “Fordfest,” but Lecce fled the scene and asked the crew to meet with him privately at another time. 

In this video, you will see Faulkner interview parents, a Toronto District school board trustee, and even Ontario’s Attorney-General.  Faulkner asked them, should Ontario follow New Brunswick in allowing parents to be informed about their children's gender transition at school?

Of the parents he interviewed at Fordfest, all but one were clearly on the side of informing parents, other than Ford’s Attorney-General, who refused comment.

We urge you to watch the whole conversation! Congratulations to True North for their ongoing efforts on parental rights issues.

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