Blaine Higgs pro-parent policy has majority support!


New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs caused a major sensation when he announced his government’s intentions to change rules dealing with gender in that province’s schools.

Changes will include requiring those under the age of 16 to have parental consent if they wish to change their names or pronouns. 

Predictably, the mainstream media, Higgs’ political opponents, some members of his own caucus, and even Justin Trudeau, have attacked the idea as “controversial”, hateful, and bigoted.

However, a national poll conducted in May reveals that Premier Higgs is solidly on the right side of public opinion.

A whopping 57 per cent of respondents agree with Higgs that if a child expresses a desire to change their gender or pronouns, their parents should be informed.

Only 18 per cent believe that schools shouldn’t have to tell the parents.

“I believe that strongly in the case of finding a solution here we do not exclude parents in their child’s life.”

 -Blaine Higgs, Premier of New Brunswick

This is massive news, and should raise the antennae of leaders across the country!

For too long, the radical activists have had their way, to the extent that it is essentially unchallenged policy that parents are kept in the dark should their children “come out” as “trans” or “non-binary” to their teachers.

Clearly, such a policy does not line up with the wishes of most Canadians, and these policies must be changed accordingly. 

As we told the Epoch Times this week, "The pushers of the woke, child-grooming, gender ideology agenda are seeing their worst nightmare happen in New Brunswick: a Premier who is rejecting secrecy, and who is so open and honest about making parental rights a political issue that he’s willing to fight an election over it."

The woke are terrified, and they’re losing no time in breaking out the political smears.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, though he pretends to reject partisanship and divisiveness,  denounced Higgs as one of the “(f)ar-right political actors.. trying to outdo themselves with the types of cruelty and isolation they can inflict on these already vulnerable people.”

That’s right. Justin Trudeau says that if you believe that parents have the right to be told that their child is “transitioning” to a different gender, you are far right.

Of course, that isn’t true. Just because you’ve been right about everything so far regarding the creep of wokeism, doesn’t make you far-right!

Bravo to Blaine Higgs, and we look forward to more politicians stepping forward to do the right thing, not just morally, but as this latest poll shows, politically as well. 

Another question in that survey asked whether respondents agreed that the public school system is “moving in the wrong direction”. 

 51 per cent said yes.

Here’s to keeping our promise to keep telling the truth, and keeping up the pressure until we move it back in the right direction!


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