Back to school essentials: backpacks, pencils, and an anti-indoctrination plan!

It’s back to school time! You’ve bought all the school supplies and clothes, but have you thought about how you’ll insulate your children against the woke indoctrination that permeates public education?

It’s an unfortunate reality that parents must be prepared to deprogram their children before, during, and after the school year.

We’d like to go through a few examples to help you get ready!

It’s likely that your child may be taught, without your knowledge or consent, the anti-scientific falsehood that gender is fluid, and can be changed at will by individuals.

To combat this lie, you must be ready to explain that gender comes from sex, which is determined at birth, is unchangeable, and that any efforts to change sex using drugs and surgery can cause permanent and irreversible physical and psychological harm.

You should ensure that your child tells you whenever the teacher says anything about gender, so that you can combat the classroom misinformation with truth.

Your child may also be introduced, without your knowledge, to the idea of sex itself. They may even be given access to pornography, or be exposed to sexually explicit school-sponsored drag shows. 

All this exposure of innocent children to sexual content is a form of grooming, and it is done in blatant disregard to the rights of parents to determine when their children are ready for this content or these ideas.

The aim is to destroy childhood innocence and to undermine the family unit, which is the bedrock upon which Western Civilization, our sane, stable, and prosperous society, has been built.

Make sure your children know to alert you about any discussions of sex at school, and of any attempts to make pornographic material available to them. Children can be scarred for life from the wrong kind of exposure at this age.

Your child may also be taught that Canada is systemically racist and be encouraged to categorize people according to racial or other immutable characteristics. 

They may be instructed to see some people as oppressors and others as eternal victims, based solely on their racial makeup

These are the fruits of “critical race theory”, which is itself a profoundly racist worldview and which completely ignores the success of law and society in overcoming and redressing the wrongs of actual prejudice. 

Unfortunately, radical social activists have embedded CRT in the public school system here in Canada. This false doctrine, too, is child abuse. 

Parents must help their children reject the institutionalized racist lies of CRT, and to encourage them to judge others on the merits of their character, and not the colour of their skin or their place of ancestry. 

It’s a tragic reality that radical social activists have turned our publicly funded schools into what are essentially indoctrination centres. They are counting on your silence to continue their mission, which is why it is essential that parents stand up and object loud and clear against it.

Your voice matters, both the one you use with your child to refute corrosive teaching, and the one you use to let school boards and politicians know that you expect education, not indoctrination, to be the lone focus of your child’s schooling.

In New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and even Ontario, politicians are finally realizing that respecting parental authority isn’t just morally right, it’s what the overwhelming majority want them to do!

We will continue to magnify your voice throughout Canada and ensure that the terrible mistakes that have been made in public education are corrected, and never allowed to happen again.

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