Are trans issues "in the curriculum"?

An Ontario parent wrote to us recently to say that he objected to his principal about his children being taught about trans issues during Trans Awareness week, which was held Nov. 13-17.

The principal told him it was out of her hands because “it’s in the curriculum.”

Transexuality is a mandatory topic in the Ontario Sex Ed curriculum in grade 8, but could this be what the principal was referring to? Surely not.

So what then?

Tara MacIsaac explains in a September article she wrote for the Epoch Times how schools throughout Canada are encouraging trans-themed instruction across age groups and outside of sex-ed class.   

MacIsaac exchanged emails with former Ottawa teacher Chanel Pfahl, now a watchdog on the topic of gender ideology in Canadian schools, who told her that “Because discrimination based on gender identity is now a protected ground, teachers are now allowed to teach all about it starting in kindergartenunder the guise of “equity” lessons.

These lessons require no notice for parents.

They may include reading books that teach children to question their gender identity, as happened to the kindergarten child of BC parent Heather Salivaras. Her son became distressed after he was told at school he could become a girl. He said he was told that he should marry whoever he loves, whether male or female. He also started talking about drag queens and had the impression he had been told to wear a dress. It turned out that Salivaras’s son’s teacher had shown the class a video of a drag queen reading the book “Worm Loves Worm.”

The publisher's description of this book says the book is about what happens "when a worm meets a special worm and they fall in love, you know what happens next: They get married! But their friends want to know—who will wear the dress? And who will wear the tux? The answer is: It doesn't matter. Because worm loves worm."

Salivaras’ son asked his mother about becoming a girl.  He wanted to know “why he would want to do that and if he should do that.”

MacIsaac gave other examples of drag performers being invited into school assemblies in Ontario (for grades 4-8 as well as high school students) and New Brunswick (for grades 6-8).

Again, no permission is required from parents. In the New Brunswick instance, only children whose parents were thought to not object to the event were included.

Across Canada schools regularly host student workshops from trans groups who seek to indoctrinate children into the fluidity of gender, to persuade them that standards that are heteronormative (the idea that people are naturally heterosexual) and cisnormative (the idea that people should identify with their birth sex) - including separate sex bathrooms - are harmful. Ms. Pfahl indicated that in 2014-2015 the Fyrefly Institute for Gender and Sexual Diversity delivered 144 school workshops in Calgary and Edmonton.

MacIsaac’s article is definitely worth reading in its entirety, for more details on the types of resources and workshops entering schools with the intent to preach gender fluidity, and on what parents are encountering in Catholic schools. We would add that Ontario Catholic school teacher Paolo de Buono, who recently resigned from the Toronto Catholic District School Board, is now distributing a video aimed at persuading principals in Catholic schools how to be a good trans ally. But for the sake of brevity I will skip to the punchline in my conversation with the parent about trans awareness week.

As a parent you are not obliged to subject your children to events you can reasonably foresee might occur during a trans awareness week. We suggested that the parent speak to the principal about when the events were to occur. You might then hold your child out of school on the days indicated, or better yet, organize a boycott at the school with the assistance of other parents.

Remember your children depend on you to protect them from things that will confuse them and mar their innocence.

We will not rest until we banish this garbage from our schools!

Please help us if you can in the battle for the health and minds of our children!

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