Anti-racism DEI training: “divisive, counter-productive and unnecessary”

“Anti-racism” training is actually creating more racism!

That’s the unmistakable conclusion of a critical examination of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training published by Wilfrid Laurier University associate professor David Millard Haskell for the Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy.

When Toronto school principal Richard Bilkszto took his own life in the summer of 2023, his family claimed that the bullying and harassment he was subject to by a DEI instructor during Toronto District School Board (TDSB) training sessions were  major contributors to his crisis.

Dr. Haskell’s report finds that the effectiveness of DEI training had already been questioned in numerous academic studies conducted long before the tragedy of the Bilkszto case.

He also writes that anyone who challenges DEI claims during training faces the same treatment to which Bilkszto was subjected.

“In Canada, students who challenge claims have been punished or expelled, employees have been suspended. One whistleblower who leaked DEI training session material maligning the majority population lost his employment.”

-David Millard Haskell

Haskell observes that DEI training proceeds with the assumption that culture is “overrun with intolerance”, and that DEI staff “lead participants through a curriculum focusing on such concepts as implicit bias, white privilege and micro-aggressions”.

National and international academic studies prove that DEI training often creates new prejudices in participants that they did not have before the training. 

Haskell’s meticulously annotated article establishes that lecturing to captive audiences about white privilege very often backfires. 

Instead of fostering more sympathy and compassion for socially or economically disadvantaged minorities, DEI training tends to reduce sympathy for impoverished whites, and encourages blaming them for their own poverty.

Haskell finds that white participants who initially support DEI training frequently emerge from it less engaged and more guarded in group discussions about racism, and more skeptical regarding approaches to combatting it.

“Simply put, numerous studies show that when DEI-type workshop leaders instruct participants to suppress their biases—be they existing or newly implanted—many will cling to them more tightly and mentally generate additional justifications for their presence.” 

-David Millard Haskell

Ironically, DEI, which was introduced to eliminate prejudice against minorities, has become a tool of discrimination against the “wrong” type of minorities. It has come to define those of Asian ethnicity as “white adjacent”, because they score higher on the education, career advancement and income metrics.  

As a result, racist admission quotas that discriminate against Asians have been introduced at some U.S. universities.

The DEI power grab began in education, moved on to capture corporate institutions, and has seen the woke left hijack words such as “diversity, equity and inclusion” to weaponize them in destroying the lives of anyone who dares to question their agenda.

The only antidote to the DEI onslaught is truth, along with the courage to speak it.

David Millard Haskell’s report is a thorough and invaluable resource that bravely speaks that truth, establishing that DEI training is doing very little to mitigate the harms of prejudice, racism and injustice, while often making these problems very much worse. 

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