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A new bill in California promises to protect children’s rights, but in reality it undertakes to destroy parental rights and let the state take over and raise the children.

While Ontario chips away at parental rights via Kathleen Wynne’s s/x-ed agenda, California is going for broke with a “Trojan Horse” bill, the “Bill of Rights for the Children and Youth of California” (S.B 18).

California's S.B 18 is an insidious challenge to parental rights reminiscent of the Named Person Scheme in Scotland. It uses protecting children as a pretense for the state to take control of the children.


S.B 18 says children have a right to "live in a safe and healthy environment," to have "parents, guardians, or caregivers who act in their best interest," and to "form healthy attachments with adults responsible for their care and well-being."

Critics describe the bill as “a grab-bag of generalities basically giving over care of children to the State.”

"It's really not the children's bill of rights. It's the government's bill of rights," warns lawyer Brad Dacus of the California-based Pacific Justice Institute. "It's really very well-orchestrated," he says, "and it has the language that gives a tremendous breadth to oppress and punish parents who are raising their children in ways and with values different than that of the liberal state of California and their legislature."

The first "right" listed in S.B 18 states that children have a right to parents who act in their "best interest," with the state of California presumably deciding what "best interest" ultimately means, Dacus says.

Instead of parents having authority over their children’s lives, authority is handed over to the government. Sound familiar? Kathleen Wynne’s vision for our children works along the same lines—her s/x-ed agenda is all about taking away the right of parents to educate their children. We reminded you in our Monday email about Bill 77 passed in Ontario in 2015—another attack on parental rights.

It’s expected that similar bills to S.B 18, especially if it passes, will start showing up in other jurisdictions.

Whether or not something like this bill comes to Ontario, the same attack on parental rights is happening here, and it is what we are fighting and will continue to fight.

Tanya Granic Allen, President
Parents As First Educators

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