Action Item for the Sex-ed Repeal





I need your help with a special project.

I am concerned about the repeal of the sex-ed. There has been a lot of noise in the media from those who want to see the Wynne sex-ed remain in classrooms.

I have also heard from several supportive PC MPPs who say they are not hearing from enough of us, who want to repeal the Wynne sex-ed; our supporters have been too quiet. PC MPPs are worried.

And now, NDP MPPs are introducing and reading aloud in the Legislature petitions from Ontarians who SUPPORT the Wynne sex-ed!

So far, not one petition from our side has been presented to the Legislature.

Premier Doug Ford and the PC MPPs need our help.

The Ontario Legislature is still sitting for a two more weeks in August and we have a special opportunity before us.

Would you like MPPs, every day, to speak for you and your family, for the full repeal of the Wynne sex-ed? I sure would.

Well PAFE has created a paper petition and the goal here is just that- to have several MPPs everyday, stand and read aloud the petitions in the Ontario Legislature.

Unlike online and electronic petitions, these paper petitions can be formally submitted to the MPPs who are then permitted to read the petition aloud in the Legislature. These paper petitions must contain original names, addresses and signatures, have been carefully designed to meet the government guidelines.

Can you please help gather signatures from your family and friends over the next few days? You can see people this weekend at BBQs, places of worship, or wherever you go.

We have a narrow window here, just a few days. Can you collect at least 10 signatures this weekend? Contact us Monday and we'll get them to Queen's Park as soon as we can.

Before you do anything, please click this link to read the specific instructions and FAQs.

To download and print the petition, click here.

When you're done collecting the signature, call us at 416-763-7233 or email [email protected] to arrange for a pick-up/drop off.

For the Family,


Tanya Granic Allen, President

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  • Josh Marron
    commented 2018-12-11 15:48:22 -0500
    I want to stop this sign my petition
  • Josh Marron
    commented 2018-12-11 15:47:23 -0500
    I want to spot this please sign my petition
  • Josh Marron
    followed this page 2018-12-11 15:45:47 -0500
  • Don Ansley
    commented 2018-08-11 01:55:33 -0400
    The current Sex Ed Curriculum is a ham-fisted attempt to deal with a complex issue. It effectively turns Elementary Teachers into Groomers for Sexual Predators. Now SOME Elementary Teachers think they ARE “Gender Warriors” as their own ETFO magazine urges them to be, but most have not abandoned common sense and realize how disruptive age-inappropriate knowledge can be.
  • Terry Ann Lee Bullock
    commented 2018-08-10 19:47:01 -0400
    I support Doug Ford and the Appeal of the Sex Ed Curriculum.
  • Ryan Sommer
    commented 2018-08-09 18:03:14 -0400
    I support the appeal of Wynne’s sex ed program!!!
  • Sherinah Kabasinguzi
    commented 2018-08-09 17:54:51 -0400
    I support the repelling of Wynns sexuality in primary schools carriculum. Let parents sit and discuss what the feel is best for their children.
  • Don Ansley
    commented 2018-08-09 15:36:59 -0400
    It’s quite simple, as teachers we warned that if a primary school child showed an age-inappropriate knowledge of sexual matters, it was a sign that the child may well have been “groomed” by a predator. We were supposed to report this… NOW Ms. Wynne has turned our Primary School teachers into de facto Child Groomers! This ham fisted attempt to “educate” by those who think they know better than parents went hand in hand with Board Policy changes that reduced the parental role in Moral Education from Primary, to that of a secondary advisor.
  • Adrian Stoica
    commented 2018-08-08 00:18:06 -0400
    Hi Tanya,

    Maybe a demonstation will drive the point more forcefully than a petition. We were able to mobilize and defeat the Ben Levin fan club at the polls, we can do it again.
  • Erin Rachel
    commented 2018-08-05 22:39:17 -0400
    Erin J I grew up on sex Ed that didn’t mention LGBTQ or cyber bullying I turned out fine.
  • Ben Eby
    commented 2018-08-04 19:46:36 -0400
    I am vehemently opposed to any sex education program which is solely intended to manipulate the highly vulnerable and immature minds of our children. The outcome of such manipulation is obvious, it is sickening, revolting and repulsive in every respect. Such wanton and depraved intervention is an attempt to lower the values of a whole society to unimaginable levels of moral turpitude. The question comes to mind as to what the depraved manipulators would want next!
  • Robert Daigneault
    commented 2018-08-04 17:22:46 -0400
    I wish I could help but recently had to move back to quebec for work. I am totally 110% with you. Gender awareness should be totally removed and sex in a simple biological way should be introduced in grade 6 at the minimum age of 12. Homosexuality and masturbation should not be discussed until at least 16. There should be a law stating that people under 18 are not allowed to make any decisions about sex at all. We all know that some between 13 and 18 will have sex, we can’t stop that but they should be coached to wait until 18. Age of consent should be 18, I would prefer 20 and also becoming an adult should be 20 to be somewhat mature enough to make these decisions. Adult age should be moved to 20, it used to be 21.