A shocking glimpse of radical influence at work in an Ontario school board

Loudoun County, Virginia parents protesting critical race theory at school board meeting

The insidious reach of radical social ideology into our school boards is an ongoing problem with which we’re all familiar.

However, it’s not every day we get a glimpse of this radicalism at work.

Thanks to a concerned insider in the Limestone District School Board (LDSB), which consists of 70 schools serving over 21,000 students in the city of Kingston and surrounding counties, PAFE can report some shocking instructions that have been communicated by the teachers union that represents LDSB teachers.

The union has distributed a new set of rules concerning language that the union has been quietly enforcing, and on which they are basing new teacher training.

Keep in mind, none of these radical instructions are the result of official LDSB policy, they’re simply being imposed without authorization by the union, presumably because they don’t want the public, particularly parents, to know about them.

The prohibitions mainly concern outlawing the expression of ideas that contradict the precepts of gender ideology and “critical race theory”. 

These are some opinions touching on gender ideology that the directive prohibits at pain of disciplinary measures:

  • women who have gone through male puberty should not participate in women’s sports
  • women who have male reproductive organs may make other women uncomfortable in a women’s washroom
  • the notion that there are only two genders
  • disagreement with the idea that someone could be “born in the wrong body”
  • the idea that keeping secrets about students from parents is wrong
  • using gendered language such as “boys and girls” or “ladies and gentlemen”

Other directives touch upon the prohibition of ideas that contradict the core “progressive” beliefs surrounding race, culture, and colonialism:

  • the notion that certain cultural practices are superior to others, i.e. that the scientific method is superior to other ways of knowing, or that Western traditions of law are superior to those of sharia law.
  • teaching certain topics or concepts in Indigenous Art or Indigenous English, such as the medicine wheel or corn mat weaving, if you are not Aboriginal. 

Still more prohibitions are baffling exercises in language control for no apparent reason at all:

  • use of euphemisms and idioms such as “long time no see”, “blind spot”, “hit it out of the park”, and “no can do”

Finally, one directive is at least very straightforward and honest in expressing what the radicals want to outlaw:

  • supporting a “right wing” political view, for example parental rights.

There it is! Supporting the primacy of parental rights in the teaching of children is a “right wing” position that will result in discipline if espoused by an LDSB employee.

These radical ideologues have overplayed their hand where parental authority is concerned, and they know it. They’ve seen the polls indicating that more than 80% of Canadians oppose them on this issue.

That’s why they’re seeking simply to ban the expression of these ideas by students, by parents, and by teachers.

We know they’re doing it at the LDSB, and you can bet they have plans to do it everywhere else, too.

Now is the time to remain ever vigilant against measures such as those to which our whistleblower at the LDSB has alerted us!

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