"Safe space" or "Danger zone"?: York Catholic parents push back against woke teachers

Sticker produced by Catholic teachers' union

Loud cheering, a packed gallery, and police called to the scene!

In years to come, we may look back at the raucous York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) meeting held in Aurora, Ontario on February 28, as a significant turning point in the ongoing battle between radical social progressives and parents who desire education, not indoctrination, for their children.

What led to this emotionally charged atmosphere at a school board meeting?

York Region Catholic parents had learned that The Ontario Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA), was seeking to distribute “safe space” stickers, emblazoned with the “pride” flag, in classrooms throughout the Board. 

Although OECTA has no legal authority to initiate educational policy, that body has made a practice of promoting gender ideology in Catholic schools, despite the fact that it contradicts basic Catholic teaching.  

They do this by having pernicious actions such as the sticker distribution classified as an “operational” procedure, therefore not requiring trustee input, review, or publicity.

Like Nike likes to say, they “Just Do It”. 

The YCDSB admitted in a statement issued after the meeting that trustees had neither seen nor approved of the stickers before they were distributed.

Parents quickly organized, and were granted two brief deputation presentations at the meeting, which was attended by a large group of concerned parents in the gallery.

In his deputation, Carlo Ravenna observed that the stickers “…shouldn’t say ‘safe space’, they should say ‘danger zone’,” and added, “(p)reaching confusion in the guise of inclusivity and acceptance is truly disgusting.”

In a second deputation, Sheree di Vittorio warned, “It is most certainly not appropriate to engage kids to be open to these ideologies.”

The presentations received loud vocal support from the gallery, and shouts of “You’re all pathetic!” and “Stay away from our kids!” could be heard on live-streamed video of the board meeting.

The meeting was then paused, York Regional Police were called in, and the parents emptied peacefully out of the gallery.

As Joe Volpe writes in Corriere Canadese  this meeting is a hopeful indication that, in their aggressive campaign to secularize Catholic schools, the radical woke activists may have “poked the bear” of righteous parental anger.

School boards and teachers’ unions have been infiltrated by individuals bent on turning all schools into radical indoctrination factories, and they are ruining the innocence of children in the process.

We must all step up, follow the example of the parents in Aurora, and voice a resounding “NO!” by showing up to meetings, by running for trustee positions, and by voting for candidates who will stop this woke ideological creep, and drive it back into the state of obscurity it so richly deserves.

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