'Parental Dysphoria': One woman's brave fight to save her daughter from gender ideology

Have you ever wondered what it’s like when the relentless forces promoting gender ideology find a home in your home, and your child begins to embrace the irrational, anti-scientific notion that they can “change” their gender?

Quillette has published a must-read account  penned by a mother who has lived through that very experience with her daughter. 

The first thing you’ll notice about this harrowing essay is that it has been published anonymously, perfectly illustrating just how much power radical gender activists currently wield.

This loving, caring mother doesn’t feel safe publishing the details of her story, and her simple, fact-based refutation of the “trans” lie under her own name. 

Who can blame her? In Canada, parents who don’t go along with so-called “gender-affirmation” have had their children taken from them.

The essay strikingly evokes the terror of experiencing what the author terms “parental dysphoria” as her vulnerable daughter, who is on the autism spectrum, is exposed to the idea of “trans” at school and begins to consider herself a candidate for it.

As the schools, politicians, corporations, and mainstream entertainment reinforce and celebrated the child’s “trans journey”, the mother finds herself out of all options except to “say very little and pray every day that your child will find peace in their own body before it’s too late, before your child destroys their own sexual function and fertility, and poisons their body with synthetic hormones.”

While vividly communicating the horror and hopelessness with which this crisis filled her, the anonymous author pulls no punches in excoriating the professionals who have aided and abetted the insane social madness of trans ideology.

She writes that “[d]octors and psychologists are no longer to be trusted”, and that “[t]eachers and schools have not only betrayed their most vulnerable students by encouraging them down a path of self-sacrifice but have also destroyed the sacred bond they hold with parents to ensure the healthy growth and development of children.”

Anonymous saves her most bitter condemnation for her peers. She alludes to the old progressive bromide that “it takes a village to raise a child” in evoking how this village responded to her during this experience:

“Things are so different now. My child and I experienced a radically different village, a threatening one that actively sought to work against my efforts to protect and nurture my autistic daughter in her teen years.”

Tragically, it appears now that it takes a village to separate a child from her parents and their love.

This essay is part of the collection Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans: Tales from the Home Front in the Fight to Save Our Kids.

Thankfully, the author’s daughter’s gender dysphoria resolved itself, as an overwhelming percentage of cases do, in her happily accepting her actual sex. 

In telling her story, this mother revealed the only way to fight for children:

“That means I must keep speaking up. I must never stop believing that my child’s dysphoria can be healed, as can my own; that this cultural phenomenon will pass, as all trends pass; and that our children will come back to us, hopefully all still in one piece.”

We must keep fighting to ensure that people like the author, and her daughter, are never alone in the fight!


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