Should parents have to consent to their child's gender transition?

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Across Canada, we've seen Premiers slowly taking action towards implementing policies that will protect parental rights. It began with Blaine Higgs in New Brunswick and his pronoun policy, followed by Scott Moe of Saskatchewan. Most recently, Alberta's premier, Danielle Smith, announced the largest policy change in the country so far, in terms of parental rights protections. In a nutshell, these policies require parental consent before a student may change their names or pronouns in schools. Danielle Smith's policies go more in-depth, and include banning gender reassignment surgeries for those 17 years and under, as well as banning hormone therapy and puberty blockers for children 15 and younger.

Doug Ford made it clear that he does not support Smith's pro-parental rights policies at a press conference on February 5, 2024 (time stamp 12:55). When asked if he would consider taking any similar actions to Danielle Smith, he responded "No".

Why won't Doug Ford protect parental rights and in turn, the children of Ontario?

We have a petition demanding that Doug Ford either respect parental rights, or resign. We need your help to get signatures!

Would you be willing to pass out the petition? You can download it here.  You can take it to the schools, your friends, churches, or anywhere else you can think of! Once you've filled each petition page, you can scan it and email it back to us, or mail them to Parents as First Educators 2336 Bloor St. W. P.O. Box 84556, Toronto, ON M6S 4Z7. We are aiming to get as many signatures as possible! 

Here is what you can say to explain the issue on the petition: Parental rights in Ontario are being threatened by damaging ideologies in schools, such as gender ideology. Doug Ford needs to step up and implement policies to protect parental rights and the children of Ontario. If he won't do this, he needs to resign.

If you are interested in helping us get signatures, please respond to us and let us know! 

It’s up to vigilant parents and groups like PAFE to continue to get the message out to every level of government, every school board and every teacher that gender ideology forced on innocent children in their care will never be tolerated!

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  • Pauline Marshall
    commented 2024-06-01 12:40:00 -0400
    Parents should have to consent to their child’s gender transition as they are not able to make decisions as such on their own understanding ;which could cause undue complication in their older and future life time
  • Teresa Pierre
    published this page in BLOG 2024-05-29 12:34:29 -0400