Racist remarks of Kitchener Trustee--UPDATE!

There's news! Yesterday, April 26, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board published a statement by Trustee Wendy Ashby on the topic of Ashby's racist tweets. The board also published a separate statement of their own.

CLICK HERE for Trustee Wendy Ashby's statement of April 26.

PAFE notes that Trustee Ashby apologized for the words used in her offensive tweets, but, as far as we can tell she still maintains her racist position.  

Ashby seems to stand by her view that “The most dangerous creature on the planet is the white Christian male” and “White women make obedient soldiers for the christofascist patriarchy."

In other words, notwithstanding her narrow apology and regret for exposing her own racist views to public scrutiny, it is obvious that Trustee Ashby remains unapologetic for holding  racist and sexist views toward her constituents and her fellow residents of Canada. PAFE stands by its position: Trustee Wendy Ashby must resign! 

PAFE calls upon its supporters to sign the petition demanding that Trustee Ashby resign!