Help stop Critical Race Theory Bill 16

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is being pushed through the Ontario Legislature once again under the guise of Bill 16.

Feb. 27, 2023

When Parliament resumes today, Bill 16 (and Bill 42) will go to second reading. We need to contact our MPPs TODAY and demand they vote against Bill 16.

Do you remember 2022’s Bill 67 that Jordan Peterson called “the most pernicious and dangerous piece of legislation that any Canadian government has ever put forward” because it would subvert the entire Ontario education system to radical leftist doctrines, and because it is based on the idea that all our institutions are racist, sexist, and discriminatory by nature? Watch his video about Bill 67.

For more background on Bill 67, see our story by clicking here.

And take a look at our must-watch video providing info on just what Critical Race Theory is by clicking here.

Bill 16 is a carbon copy of Bill 67, just with a different name. 

It seeks to implement CRT into Ontario classrooms, masked as a woke anti-racist agenda. In reality, it's actually wildly rooted in bigotry, and racism, and seeks to divide our province. 

It destroys true education, by seeping into subjects it has no business being in, such as Mathematics and English, and teaches a guilt-ridden perspective on students' identities and beliefs, all while taking away from the things that they actually need to learn.

If Bill 16 passes, Critical Race Theory will infiltrate Ontario schools, colleges, universities, and several other Ontario institutions. It will turn our places of learning and education into centres for indoctrination, where woke ideology is prioritized over basic education such as Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

Bill 16 must be stopped. Immediately.

It is crucial that this bill does not get passed!


1) Contact your MPP

  • Tell them to oppose Bill 16, the Racial Equity in the Education System Act.
  • Find your MPP’s contact information by clicking this link and scrolling down to the bottom of the page to the “Find My MPP” box.
  • Please also cc. the Conservative MPP and Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, at  [email protected].
  • Write to us at [email protected] and let us know you contacted your MPP.

2) Please sign our petition and spread it far and wide. Please forward the petition link to your family and friends: We need to show a strong force to the government, that many Ontarians want Bill 16 stopped.

Do it for your children, your grandchildren, and for the future generations to come.

This is too important to ignore.

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