Your support helps us defend the family

Your generosity helped PAFE have a busy but successful 2022, representing parental rights and protecting all of Ontario’s children. 

Together, we’ve accomplished so much. Here are five efforts that we’re truly proud of!


January 3 – Raising the alarm about Bill 67.

PAFE informed supporters about Bill 67, the Racial Equity in the Education System Act, a provincial NDP bill supported by Doug Ford’s PC government, which aims to embed ‘critical race theory’. CRT is a toxic, divisive, and racist approach to education. This latest betrayal by the counterfeit “conservative” Doug Ford is one more reason we must remain vigilant against the erosion of our social fabric at the educational level.

March 3 – Release of PAFE’s Parent/Guardian Non-Consent Form.

We created this valuable new tool to help parents opt their children out of health initiatives involving the COVID-19 vaccine, COVID-19 testing, and other medical treatments intended for children and directed through the school system. Parents MUST remain the sole decision-makers in these matters, and have the option to say no.

May 9 – Success! Durham Catholic District School Board drops CRT language from their policy.

PAFE mobilized supporters to contact Durham Catholic District School Board trustees, object to their proposed “anti-racism” policy, and demand the removal of “critical race theory” language from the document. Responding to this effort, the board voted to amend the policy and remove the objectionable language.

May 25 – June 2 - Keeping you informed during the provincial election campaign.

PAFE provided critical information to supporters during Ontario’s provincial election campaign, including insights on which candidates could be counted on to defend parental rights. We also reminded members of Doug Ford’s history of betraying parents and children by reneging on his promise to repeal the Wynne sex ed plan.

August 8 – Some good news! Tavistock is no more!

We reported the welcome news that the UK’s scandal-plagued Tavistock youth gender identity clinic is being shuttered after it was determined that its treatment methods for children with gender dysphoria were inappropriate and harmful. The rest of the world should take heed of this example. 

 Oct. 24 – Victory on election day!

It took more than a year of working overtime, including recruiting, vetting, and training candidates, and sending tens of thousands of emails, but dozens of pro-parental rights candidates were elected as school trustees! This is how we will continue to reclaim our classrooms from the radicals and protect our children.

You can read a full list of what your support has helped us accomplish, along with a year-in-review of relevant events in Ontario, CLICK HERE.

The forces that wish to reshape society by destroying the family have never been stronger.

Together, we are standing in their way. 

Thanks to your help, we will never stop fighting.

There’s much more to come in 2023! 

You can support PAFE by giving today! 

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