Why are Canadian schools grooming children for gender transition without parental consent?

Most of us are aware of the insidious creep of radical and unscientific gender ideology into education, but do you know just how coordinated and complete the push really is?

Tom Blackwell has written a story in the National Post that sheds light on the whole, horrifying truth.

The story opens with an account of a Grade 6 Calgary student who came out as transgender, and whose teacher ordered her classmates not to let the girl’s parents, who were unaware of the news, know about the transition.

As the mother of one of those students bemoaned, “Kids are being taught to lie to parents”.

Stories like this are shocking, but once you consider the gender policies that have been embraced in school boards throughout Canada as cases of gender transition grow “exponentially”, they’re not really surprising. 

Boards, education ministries, and even the Public Health Agency of Canada are directing schools to honour without question any “transitioning” student’s request to change names and pronouns, and to conceal this information from parents if requested. 

Schools provide gender neutral washrooms, instruct students from an early age about gender identity, and sometimes even refer students to gender clinics, including the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, and Calgary’s Metta Gender Clinic.

One parent quoted in Blackwell’s article expresses the problem perfectly when she observes that “…schools are triangulating the family, they’re becoming a wedge between the child and parent.”

The toxic facilitation of gender transition in Canadian education is particularly tragic when you consider that jurisdictions such as Sweden, Finland, and the U.K., who once embraced this process, are now dropping it.

They are alarmed by the mental health issues that have been ignored in the foolish rush to confirm gender ideology. 

In Britain, for instance, the Cass Review into gender identity services for young people advises that the decision to begin social transition must be made carefully by the young person along with their families.

A Public Health Agency of Canada document, meanwhile, advises teachers and other school staff not to inform anyone, including parents and caregivers, of a child’s changing gender identity, if they are not already aware of it.

There is a word for teaching children that living secret lives, outside of the knowledge of their parents, in matters of a sexual nature, is a good and desirable thing to do.  

That word is grooming, and it is precisely what is happening in Canadian schools. 

At a time when educators should be focusing on repairing the social and academic damage that was wrought by the pandemic school closures, they are instead grooming children according to a social contagion that is being promoted by radical ideologues.

We must end this, and return sanity, and respect for parents, to every Canadian classroom.

Schools are for learning, not grooming!

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