What To Do About the PC Party Policy Process





Many of you have asked me about the Ontario PC Party policy process. 

The PC Party policy convention taking place in Toronto next month is a sham.

I was appalled to find out what the party brass are calling a "policy convention" is really just a rally.

By the PC Party constitution, a policy convention is where party members gather, present, debate, and vote on party policies. But instead, Patrick Brown is ignoring the constitution and refuses to hold a policy convention. 

These are the great lengths to which Patrick Brown will go to keep parents and the sex-ed issue out of his party

Am I surprised? No. I explained in my previous email how skeptical I was of Patrick Brown and his policy process since I first met with him in his office in the spring of 2016.

This week, The Toronto Sun in an article titled "PC Leader Patrick Brown shuts down his party's social conservatives", describes how Brown gave himself the power to veto ALL social conservative policies including those involving parental rights from even being considered.

However, according to two party members Jim Karahalios of Take Back Our PC Party, and longtime Conservative Kara Johnson,  both who happen to be lawyers- "the leader has no such power". You can read their letter which was sent to the PC Party executive by clicking here.

If you received a communication inviting you to register for the PC Party policy process by October 20, don't bother registering; there's no point- it's a sham.

But don't let that stop you. Put your PC party membership to good use and stop Patrick Brown's dictatorship. Get involved in the movement, Take Back Our PC Party. And it’s not too late to join if you didn’t take out a membership yet. You still have an opportunity to do so, and help to stop Patrick Brown's dictatorship by taking back the PC Party.

For the family,

Tanya Granic Allen

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