What PC Leadership Candidates Are Saying About the Sex-ed






The race to replace Patrick Brown as Ontario PC Party leader has begun and things are moving quickly!

The deadline to purchase a membership to the PC Party in order to vote is Friday February 16 at 5pm. Click here to buy your one-year membership or go to https://secure.ontariopc.com/Partyjoin

As of this moment, there are three declared candidates:

  • Caroline Mulroney- daughter of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, and PC Party candidate for MPP in York-Simcoe
  • Christine Elliot- former Whitby MPP, and wife of the late Jim Flaherty
  • Doug Ford- former City of Toronto Councillor, brother of former Toronto Mayor - the late Rob Ford

At this early stage, PAFE is still evaluating each of the candidates and where they stand on important issues to parents including Wynne’s Radical Sex-Ed Agenda.

You can be sure that PAFE will be very careful in evaluating each of the candidates’ positions on these matters. We expect clear answers to the important issues affecting parents and their families. And we expect them to show the courage to stand up for Ontario parents and their children.

Let’s see what’s been said so far.

Caroline Mulroney

The CBC reported Caroline Mulroney has already declared that she “will not reopen the divisive debate” on Kathleen Wynne’s Radical Sex-Ed Agenda.  

While this is disappointing, it is not surprising. Mulroney has accepted on to her campaign team top political “strategists” who were responsible for advising Patrick Brown during his disastrous tenure as PC Party leader.

What is disturbing to PAFE, however, is that Monte McNaughton has now shocked many of us by endorsing Mulroney’s candidacy and by virtue of this, is supporting her position on sex-ed.

Monte McNaughton, once the most vocal opponent to Wynne's sex-ed, is now endorsing the one candidate in the race who has promised not to revisit the issue. (This topic alone warrants a separate email.)

We'll keep you posted.

Christine Elliot

Recall that Christine Elliot ran in the 2015 PC leadership race. 

Towards the end of the campaign, she released a statement saying that in order for the PC Party to win the next election members should not “choose a leader whose outdated views fall far outside today’s mainstream.”

She added that “Patrick and Monte’s ideological rejection of a modern and inclusive Ontario will do nothing more than lose the next election and secure another term for Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals.”

Fast forward to this 2018 leadership race. An interview with the Toronto Sun claims that Christine Elliot is “willing to revisit the Liberals’ controversial sex-ed curriculum.”

Well that’s a tiny step in the right direction.

We’ll keep you posted.

Doug Ford

Doug Ford has recently said that he, too, will review Kathleen Wynne’s Radical Sex-Ed Agenda and “consult with parents” according to an interview with AM640. 

Doug’s brother, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, was the only high profile endorsement of McNaughton’s 2015 PC leadership campaign and was an outspoken critic of Wynne’s revisions to the sex-ed curriculum.

Doug Ford’s statements are also a tiny step in the right direction.

We’ll keep you posted.


To be clear, PAFE will only endorse a candidate who is strong and clear on issues which affect the family. And PAFE will keep every candidate accountable for their positions on these issues, both during and after the leadership campaign. All leadership candidates who would like avoid making a fool of themselves as Patrick Brown did in his now infamous flip-flop on Wynne’s revised sex-ed curriculum, please take note.  

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For the family,

Tanya Granic Allen, President

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  • Emanuela Caires
    commented 2018-02-07 11:38:15 -0500
    I agree wholeheartedly with Ken Conrad.
  • John Moerman
    commented 2018-02-06 23:33:04 -0500
    It’s disappointing that there’s not a candidate there that is willing to run on a conservative platform… all the way around. When policy direction is evaluated on the basis of ‘can it win the election’, the party has failed in its most basic responsibility – to present an alternative platform with ideas that are rooted in timeless values. Ideas that only need to be articulated well… because they can win on their own merits. Really… running a coherent conservative campaign should be the easiest thing going in the current environment – where liberals and media have their feet planted firmly in the air!!
  • Ken Conrad
    commented 2018-02-06 21:27:03 -0500
    I support your expectation of the candidates to take a stand against the liberal governments perverse sex education curriculum and “to show the courage to stand up for Ontario parents and their children”.

    The same can be said for Bill 87, in particular Schedule 2 of the Bill, “The Immunization of School Pupils Act”, which requires parents to complete an immunization education session before filing a statement of conscience or religious belief.

    This new requirement for parents who seek a non-medical vaccine exemption for their children to attend a so-called education session, is little more then a paternalistic scheme to indoctrinate and harass mothers and fathers who have taken the initiative to go out of their way to make an informed choice. Mandatory indoctrination = subjugation, a tactic that is characteristic of the current Liberal government’s ceaseless inclination to waste taxpayer’s dollars in order to promote their contemptible top down agenda.

    The vaccine paradigm as well as the teaching of sex-ed in the classroom is a highly contentious and ambiguous issue that can only be adequately and ethically addressed via respect for parental values and likewise their freedom of choice.