We must stop CRT Bill 16 before it's too late!

“There’s a lot of reason to be afraid. We are in a kind of cultural revolution and people really do need to pay attention.”


-Chanel Pfahl, Teacher


Anyone who doubts that education in Canada has become an exercise in indoctrination rather than education should consider the case of Chanel Pfahl. 

Pfahl, a teacher in Barrie, Ontario, has been under disciplinary scrutiny since a post she made on a private Facebook page for teachers ran afoul of the woke, “anti-racist” sensibilities that have overtaken our schools. 

Pfahl’s post argued that children aren’t in school to be indoctrinated with “critical race theory”, and that education should be a politically non-partisan endeavour that promotes kindness to all and rejects discrimination against anyone, for any reason.

After a fellow teacher filed a complaint about the post, Pfahl was suspended without pay for a week by her school board.

The Ontario College of Teachers launched an investigation into the incident in March 2022.  Just last month, the College elected not to suspend Pfahl, but they did caution her to stop making “political statements” online.

Chanel Pfahl’s experience should send chills down the spine of anyone who believes that the purpose of education isn’t to indoctrinate students, but rather to teach them facts, and encourage them to think about all issues from different perspectives. 

Despite the Orwellian experience she’s endured for daring to speak the truth, Pfahl is still optimistic about the future of education.

She believes that there are a significant number of teachers who agree with her outlook, but that the radical and illiberal activists within education have intimidated them into silence.

Pfahl says, “I think there’s something really important in speaking the truth and I hope that more people start to speak the truth.”


You can be as brave as Chanel Pfahl by speaking out against Bill 16, the Racial Equity in the Education System Act, which is now before the Ontario legislature. 

Formally known as Bill 67, Bill 16 will embed “anti-racism” teaching into all aspects of the Ontario school curriculum, including evaluating teachers based on their “anti-racism awareness”.

Bill 16 will embed radical indoctrination and actual racist policies into Ontario’s schools, colleges, and universities, and will ensure that any teacher who speaks out against these policies will be silenced and removed.

Tell Doug Ford that this is unacceptable! 

Stop CRT dead in its tracks and stand up for education, not indoctrination, by signing the petition.

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