Update: Pearson Publishing situation

We recently asked you to contact Pearson Canada to protest their decision to stop publishing books associated with the Ontario Catholic sex education curriculum "Fully Alive." 

We asked you to send emails to Pearson’s VP of Product Development Canada, Mark Cobham.  If you have done so, your email likely bounced back to you.  After inquiring with Pearson about this, we are told that Mr. Cobham is no longer with the press, and that they had given us the wrong name.  Would you kindly direct the same email to the current VP of Product Development Canada, Jeff Adams?

Pearson doesn't want to publish the Fully Alive series because the Catholic Church's teachings on sexuality state that marriage is confined to a man and a woman, according to a recent article from the CBC.

Please ask Mr. Adams to reconsider the decision. 

We encourage you to contact Jeff Adams to express your disappointment with Pearson's decision to buckle under the woke pressure not to publish this curriculum.

Remind him that many of the world's religions agree on this traditional view of marriage. Are they also going to stop publishing texts from these traditions as well?


Please contact Jeff Adams and respectfully ask him to reconsider the decision to pull this curriculum from Pearson's publishing house.  

Jeff Adams
Pearson Canada Inc.
[email protected]

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