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While Canadians grapple with COVID-19’s health and economic impacts, it seems nothing has changed for sexual health activists eager to indoctrinate our children with dangerous ideologies.

In a recent opinion piece in the Peterborough Examiner, activist Rosemary Ganley describes a new report called "The State of Sex-Ed in Canada," produced by Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, formerly known as Planned Parenthood Canada.

The report is heavily informed by definitions and principles laid out by UNESCO, a branch of the United Nations (UN).

The subtext of this piece is that not one child in Canada should remain unexposed to the UN/Planned Parenthood agenda of creating genderless, sexualized young people.

Another takeaway is that sexual health activists are lobbying the federal government to impose their agenda: to ensure every province, school and teacher is on board.

The report singles out Catholic schools as not properly providing sex-ed to students: “Many Catholic schools … refuse to teach topics that go against the religion’s stance on issues like pregnancy options or gender and sexuality or offer health information filtered and editorialized through a catholic moral lens.”

Ganley’s opinion piece hints that once COVID-19 is under control and children return to school, those pushing the UN-based sexual health agenda will roar back into action. Some commentators are predicting a post-COVID world with even more government intervention in our lives. Such a world would be a boon for activists like Ganley, who again, want to ensure that no child is left unexposed to radical sex-ed ideologies, that every child becomes, in effect, an indirect ward of the UN.

Ganley writes that the UN “keeps an eye on us too,” referring to 2018 when the UN criticized Ontario for repealing (temporarily) its new sex-ed curriculum.

According to the Action Canada report, the UN has sent the message to Canada that, “federal and provincial governments have an obligation to ensure all young people are provided with quality sex-ed and failure to do so is a human rights violation.”

In addition to the 2019 Action Canada report, Ganley also references the 2019 Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education, funded by Health Canada and produced by the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN). To give you an idea of what SIECANN is about, their two top listed partners are Trojan and Merck—a condom maker and the company that makes the HPV vaccine.

The 2019 Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education advocates as a “public policy priority” that “access to comprehensive sexual health education should be a basic right for all people in Canada.”

The SIECCAN guidelines rely heavily on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines for sex-ed.

UNESCO, WHO, SIECANN, and Action Canada are only a few organizations determined to indoctrinate our children and lay waste to parental rights. With your help, PAFE will continue to protect our children from sexualization. Please support PAFE with a donation by clicking here.

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